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    I never said it was a good idea, just stating that it's not illegal to put more than 1 wire under a lug
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    Results of lose lug if your lucky. Electrical work needs to be done by a lic electrician guys. A lot of varitions depending on panels, breakers, locations and ground requirements. Especially if it ties to your home service. Its a few dollars for your families safety. Screenshot_20180506-155548.jpg
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    this picture is a good example of a non qualified electricans work. the wire should be attached to panel with a romex connector or at least a plastic bushing. things like this is what can cause a electrical fire. is your family worth saving a buck or two? saw a tag once that said "electricty is not a hobby, call an electrican."
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    Just for the record, it was a Master Electrician that installed my connection at the meter base. He did make a couple changes, but assured me it was safe, and per local code.
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    A meter base can be done that way using a code applicant method. Different set of rules. Breaker panels must be set up for a double type feed for sub panel to start off with for a double lug to be acceptiable or lug updates be made. Panel lugs are normally a figure 8 shape internally or have 2 tork heads at the lug connections from all i have ever been taught for this to be acceptable. The OP was also wanting to install a 1 alt aluminium wire behind a 200 amp breaker. That in itself is a fire hazard. Wire would be well over amped. Just pointing out that a certified electrician would be a good move here which im not. A lot of questionable aspects here.
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  6. I’ve shown several different electricians this question and each have gave me different answers and opinions on what I can do. Leaning on safety side I am now thinking of using a 2 ton split unit heat pump that have no heat strips. All that I will use outside of that will be TV and a few lights and outlets. So I’m still thinking of using the double lugs, put a breaker and disconnect at cabin out of panel and run that to shop to a breaker panel. And just wanting to clarify on this. I would never attempt to do this on my own. I will hire a electrician. My desire for seeking information on this is to have some kinda up front idea on what to expect from a electrician and get as many opinions from experts on the project. This wont be a work shop, it will be more of a man cave than anything so no heavy use of electricity. Thanks for help and info. If you have anymore on this updated plan please let me know. Thanks
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    When it comes to electrical, i know just enough about it to spot something which could cost someone their home or life and refer them to a electrician. I for sure dont know it all. If someone ask a question on it, they need a exact answer for their sitiation and not a general blanket answer. It can be one of those things you dont get a second chance on. I have seen a simple outlet relocation at a washing machine cost a childs life by not attaching the ground properly. That stuff dont play fair. Its a dollar well spent for correctness.
  8. 1/0 Aluminum is too small for what you are wanting to do. I used oversized copper in my shop, 200 amp panel, and because of the oversize I used, the meter has always been at the minimum charge. I have central heat and air, several 220 tools, lights all over and my shop is 24' X 40'.
  9. Correction the wire I’m getting free is 6 /0 aluminum. Not 1/0 sorry for mix up
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    6/0 no such thing there’s #6 wire but no 6/0 #6 will NOT carry your load and be sure and install a breaker at you meter loop to look at the wire going to your shop.GOOGLE AMPACITY WIRE SIZES and you can easily see what size wire you need to run
  11. Ok I'm going to go look at this wire myself that my buddy has. He said he thought it was six, but no such thing I see. I know I looked at it back a few months ago and it was as big as my index finger. He had this left over from wiring his shop.
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    Sounds like 1/0 wire hog
  13. Ten four, thanks.
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    1/0 is some serious business. Are you sure you want to tackle this yourself? I realize that a Card fan is indestructible but...,
    Cardiac shack is on the line.
  15. Oh no I’m just going to observe from a distance.

    Here is my underground wire.