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    Have a question about Winona, I have a buddy going to Hunt there on the Christmas Hun and was wondering if he could shoot a doe during the Christmas hunt?
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    Zones 2, 6, 6A, 7, 8, 8A, and 11: Limit of two deer, no more than two legal bucks. No Does. Dogs are not allowed.

  3. missed the doe days.

    Winona WMA
    Deer Notes: No dogs allowed. Seasonal bag limit
    of three deer; no more than two legal bucks. No
    more than two legal bucks or up to three does may
    be taken with archery tackle. No more than two
    legal bucks may be taken during the muzzleloader
    and modern gun seasons and no more than one
    doe may be taken from Oct. 16-20 or Nov. 13-14.
    Bag limit during the modern gun special youth
    hunt is three deer, no more than two bucks (no
    antler restrictions) and one doe. These are not
    bonus deer and will count towards the seasonal
    bag limit.

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    The fact that you cant swing a dead cat without hitting a doe there never seems to get AGFC. Winona is loaded with does to the point of irritation.
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    You know whats scary, i told him that no he couldnt and he said he called up at the agfc and was told yes by some woman, he said he made sure to get her name and wrote it down. He was going to call again and ask someone else and see if he gets a yes or a no