Wind Powered Spinners?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by flippinhntr, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. flippinhntr

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    Does anyone use the wind spinners? If you do, do they work as well as advertised? I know that this is a touchy subject on the board, so if you don't use them or are against them or just simply hate them and think it is "cheating" or something else, I don't care. Don't post on this thread unless you can answer my question. Sorry for the harshness, but sometimes you have to put with too much BS on this subject.:up:
  2. Buddy of mine uses two wind powereds on his Vortex which is spinning so they always work.

    I know that if it's windy enough and you got the deke facing the right way the wind-powered mojos can work well. Beats lugging a battery pack around.

  3. bernie

    bernie Well-Known Member

    You evil, horrid, spinning wing user! Just kidding, I use them too. I have also wondered if the wind powered ones work. I can see them working better on some days than others. But I have never used them and am curious about it too.
  4. shiftymcfive01

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    on still days we hook ours up to a hamster wheel and let my pet "nippy" turn it.
  5. UncleDuck12

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    Work like a charm! Wont even need a duck call. Been using em for years! Good thing is, in the offseason, i put em out in the front yard next to the pink flamingo decoys! They really help my yard look more presentable.
  6. CutDown

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    I love them especially for teal season when it's still hot out!
    I set two or three (or 35) up within 2-3 inches of where I am standing....keeps me cooled off and my face paint doesn't run near as bad!
  7. cacheman

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    I bought one last year toward the end of the season. It all depends on the wind. If I remember right the box said something about a 5 mph wind. You need all the wind you can get and then some. Even if the wind stops and the wings stop I don't think it hurt the ducks from working.
  8. CrappieMaster220

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    I just LOLed
  9. bjadventures

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    we bought some for the vortex and they work great, but without the vortex they tend to stop, or just never start. Baby mojo is the way to go for $50