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well as bad as i hate too, i have to sell my Winchester Super X 3 Turkey edition autoloader shotgun. Its practically brand new, Its been shot very little. Killed 9 birds in three different states in two years. but my oldest daughter's car needs some repair and cannot afford to pay for it right now. Comes with everything in picture. Jelly Head choke, New Halo Scope Nc star, Tru glo factory scope, factory choke extra full, spacers and gun tote. I need to get $1150. I cannot take trades, sorry. This is the smoothest auto shotgun you can find, fast and little recoil.
Caliber / Gauge
12 it will shoot 3 1/2 , 3 inch or 2 3/4
Magazine Capacity
Barrel Length
Nominal Overall Length
Nominal Length of Pull
14 1/4"
Nominal Drop at Comb
1 3/4"
Nominal Drop at Heel
Nominal Weight
7 lbs. 8 oz.
Chokes Included
Turkey, Dura touch
Stock / Grip
Standard grip style
Additional Description
An Invector-Plus Extra-Full Extended Turkey choke tube helps make this on incredible turkey gun. The only turkey shotgun you should consider
U.S. Suggested Retail

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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