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Winchester Model 70 30.06 *

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I just traded for this a few weeks ago and I have decided I really just don't need it. It is a very clean rifle. It comes with a Simmons 3x9.

I am interested in about anything that goes bang or thwack. Let me know what you have if interested. I am willing to drive a bit for the right trade and I get to the Clarksville area regularly.

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I wish you were closer to me. I would find something to trade you!
You are too far....:banghead:
The fam hasn't been down that way for a while. You never know. We might make a road trip for the right gun. :thumb:

Also, I will be going to St. Louis on the 6th so I could probably get pretty close to NEA.
Got a Ruger 22/45 for trade plus some boot of course. But I am in Searcy.
Got a Ruger 22/45 for trade plus some boot of course. But I am in Searcy.
Could you text (479-799-6931) or email sam_r_phil[email protected] some pictures?
Could you text (479-799-6931) or email [email protected] some pictures?
Just Texted you three pics.
Still available? I have a Jennings hunt pro or pro hunter 305 decked out has literally everything on it already with a soft case and a hard arrow case that goes in the bow case with about $125 or more worth of carbon arrows with muzzy (I think) broad heads and some field tips also has a release thing and a 4x4 target block. I think it's set at 65-70 but I'm sure you can change it. Pm me if your interested.
I appreciate the offer but I traded my back up bow to get this. Not really in search of a anothe bow right now.
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