Winchester blindside shells

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by hossmiller, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. hossmiller

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    Anybody read about the new shells Winchester plans to release in June? I beleive they are called Winchester blindside. The shot is supposed to be kind of hex shaped rather than the standard round shot. Thus allowing them to stack more shot in a shell. The shot is supposed to do more damage due to more cutting edges than other non round shot on the market. All I've heard about it was in the Winchester pamplet at walmart, which is where I got this information. Hadn't heard anybody else talking about it like they did the new Remington load when it came out.
  2. GBacon

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    Already out. Macks has them for $21/box.:up:

    At their gun counter they have a display of a couple different types of steel shot shells to show how many more pellets/shot each shell has. I picked up a box a couple days ago, we will see how they work.

  3. cacheman

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  4. Ozone

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    Excuse me for being so ignorant. But how could you claim to have more shot per shell without sacrificing shot size? A certain weight is a certain weight. Smaller weighted shots may lack inertia.

    I would surmise they might pattern ok, though. :head:
  5. shotgun wg

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    Macks is the only place u can get them right now. Something a bout a trial run so they can get feedback and helps with the buzz. The way I understand it the shot selection is limited for now. I know folks shooting them and they said it was knocking the crap outta birds. They love them. I myself have not shot any yet so no first hand openion.
  6. Ryan_289

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    :up::up::up: Green hulls are all that goes through my guns.
  7. cacheman

    cacheman Well-Known Member

    I always thought if it wasn't green, it was an off brand.
  8. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    i have a case give to me by the reserch dept. i will say this the shell is good. when shooting the shell i have had no cripples. i like how the shot is hex shaped and shacked in the hull it will devistate a duck! better than blackcloud. the longest kill shot i have had all year is with the 3" 1 3/8oz load i shoot kent 3.5" most of the time and if i had to pay the price diff i would go the cheaper way.:up: because if you put it where it should be the duck has no chance. :up:
  9. hossmiller

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm in NWA and don't ever make it to Mack's, and just got the release date from the article I read. I shoot a Remington and usually put green through it. As far as how they could claim to put more pellets in a shell, the article said it had to do with the pellets stacking in the shell better due to the hex shape. It also claimed that it had a different style of wad due to the extra space in the shell? Like I said in the original post, my information comes from what I read in an article. I appreciate all of the first hand knowledge being shared.
  10. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    its a good shell but if they cost 20$ a box that is to much in my book they need to be cheeper! and i think that of all ammo :up:
  11. brass

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    i have shot some, don't notice a difference to be honest. We cut some open and compared them to the blackcloud. Completely different shot shape that is for sure. I just don't see how that shape can fly any better than a standard shot or blackcloud.

    I think at that price (i didn't pay, someone had some) i will stick to my federals from ft. thompson by the case
  12. BIG DOG

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    after my BIL, his good friend, and my experience w/ remington turkey loads this past season i'll NEVER buy another remington shotgun shell, i will however buy core-lokt'd rifle ammo, i haven't been impressed w/ their nitro steel or their cheap 'sportsman' steel either but that's jmo. both my duck guns shoot black cloud and estes better than any shell i have shot so that's what i'll shoot i may try the new winchester though
  13. modux

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    Lights out the best shell on the market for the money...I put it ahead of Black Cloud because I may or may not get a check from Remington every week :whistle:...but seriously I havent had to shoot one cripple this year...only draw back is the punches on both ends but the trade-off is only having to hit the duck once...its the backstroke or cannon ball plunge for the birds at the end of my barrel!!!! :biggrin:
  14. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    yes no cripples this year
  15. I've run three boxes through my SBE2, love them.