Will the Real Hillary Please stand up..

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by D33RHUNT3R, Jan 13, 2008.

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    This is a Quote from her in the news today Bashing the War again..Talk about a FLIP -FLOPPER

    Funny when asked in a TV debate She said she would NOT commit to bringing home the Troops in the first Year if Elected because that would be Stupid to commit to, this after Obama Said He would...Everytime I hear Hitlery talking about Iraq she's on BOTH SIDES of the Issue...
    Clinton also said she would oppose any effort to maintain a heightened troop presence in Iraq, saying any improvements to the security situation there came because the Iraqi government is anticipating a change in administration.

    "Part of the reason that the Iraqis are doing anything is because they see this election happening and they know that they don't have much time," she said. "They know the blank check George Bush gave them is about to be torn up."

    If elected president, she said would call on her military advisers to draw up plans to begin removing U.S. troops from Iraq within 60 days of taking office.

    I'd like to BET a Million Dollars thats all that would happen to She'd have them DRAW UP PLANS... Then do the same thing This Administion is doing...Her First 100 days would look like Pelosi's -0 out of a 1000

    Anyone who believe she will do ANYTHING she says she'll do...I have several things I'd like to sell you... You have to look at what she doesnt say !!!!! she'll do ... She says how she'll SPEND Trillions BUT NEVER a Word about the TAXES she will HAVE to Raise......

    I bet She is just hating that the NEWS..We Barely even hear anymore... from Iraq is all about how Iraq is getting better.......

    Mrs Clinton Why didnt you Get Mr Clinton to get OUR troops out of lets Say.... Germany,Korea,Japan,and the Countless other places around the world...Face it HITLERY Will not pull the troops from Iraq and this again is PURE PANDERING to the Anti-War...Or as I'd like to call it MORE LIES...
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    I sure wont vote for her,But I wish someone would get our troops out of there soon. I dont think there is a war going on in Germany,Japan or Korea right now. I vote rep. 99% of the time but this was a mistake from the beginning.
    My view of a war is my country against yours,and that dont mean my soldiers will come into your house and look for bad guys,or ride patrols and look for bad guys while dodging IED's,it means we will kill yall before yall kill us.

    And if some of you think I dont support our troops because I dont agree with this war,you couldnt be more wrong. How many of you have a son-in-law preparing to make his second tour over there. I might have a bit more knowledge than most on here about what goes on over there. Do yall think the Iraqi's want us to still be over there? Those people dont understand what freedom is,if we stay over there 10 years,the minute we come home,it will go to hell just like it was before we got there. The analogy I use is like some people who have been dirt poor all their lives,and then hit the lottery,within a short time they will have the same thing they always had,nothing.

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    Ummmm What do you think it was like in ALL those other places after those WARS ? thats why WE have never left them EITHER..... WE arent EVER leaving Iraq whether they want us too or not... As for you SIL He Volinteered Deal with it ...It wasn't mr nicey nice after we took over any country ... Some people just need History lessons and a Reality check.

    For any Candidate to say they will Pull Our Troops, I summit to is a LIAR...