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For a few seasons now I've been using a Wildfowler Outfitters recliner to hunt ducks and geese.
It's nothing fancy just a "lay down " lawn chair if you will. It's great to get down low and be able to hunt ducks and geese out in the open fields, or along dikes and levees that criss cross them; without being seen. And it is pretty comfortable to boot which is always a plus to me.

I lost one off the 4-wheeler a couple of weeks ago and had to go buy a new one until we drain the field. The very first time I used it, it ripped!!! All the way across..... I was not pleased to say the least. I had used my old one for a good while and never had a problem.

Well, I e-mailed their website and got a reply in no time flat. They are sending a "remodeled" replacement that has reinforcement straps sewn into it to prevent that from happening..... and at no cost!! The "new" chair I bought was an older model that was still in stock on the dealer's shelves.

These guys answered my problem quickly and replaced the problem without nary a question or concern... that's good enough service for me.

Just thought I'd pass it along to you other Quack-Killers.
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