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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by luckyrubberduck, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. luckyrubberduck

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    I just got my wife's first bow set up. It is a fred bear young guns 2 youth bow but fits her really good cause she is only shooting a 21 inch draw length. My question is when I got her arrows the Outdoor Store said the shortest they could cut them was 26 inches because it can tear up the arrow or something? is there shorter carbon arrows you can buy or could I buy 22 inch crossbow bolts? She has like 5 or 6 inches of overhang when at full draw with nocks and field tips on it? If anyone can help it would be appreciated. It just doesn't seem to accurate the way it is.:confused:
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    Check out Gold Tip's website. They will let you select all the way down to a 20" arrow when select the "build your own arrow" option. I went with XT Hunter 3555. Which arrows are you shooting? There may be a reason you can't cut those specific arrows down any further but that's not something that I'm familiar with.

  3. luckyrubberduck

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    Well, These are the gold tip expedition hunter 3555. I asked them to cut them for her draw length and he said the shortest they cut them is 26 because it can splinter the arrow or something. I did look at the website and might end up going that route. Thank you for the help. I might see if I can get these cut down some more somewhere else. thanks.
  4. pruitt76

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    Any archery shop should cut those down for you. If you were closer to SW AR I could do it for you. I have access to a friend's arrow saw. Rather than paying someone else to have them cut down, I would try going back to where you initially bought them and let them know the info that you found on the Gold Tip website.

  5. AfterLife

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    Cut them down, shouldnt hurt a thing. Just going to be stiff.
  6. luckyrubberduck

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    I think I will try going back up there first to see if I can get them done for free. If not then I might try and cut them down myself. I read online where you can use a dremel tool very easily but it said do not use a hack saw. So we will see. Thanks for the help.
  7. Nuge Fan

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    21"? Wow! My wife is 5'1" and has short arms and draws 24". I joked about her arrows being crossbow bolts. I asked my archery shop to cut hers to 24" and they did no problem. She shot them all summer with no splintering problems.
  8. i cut all of my carbon arrows with a dremel. never had a problem and been doing it for years:up:
  9. luckyrubberduck

    luckyrubberduck Well-Known Member

    Yeah she is 5 foot even but for some crazy reason I guess her arms are shorter than that. So she shoots a 21 inch draw length. I haven't got around to cutting the arrows yet but will let all of you know when I do. Thanksfor the advice about the dremel. At least I know that works now.