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    You guys ever seen a beard like this? I think it is beard rot in progression. It is kinda fragile but seems like it's gonna hold together. The turkey was a 4 or 5 yr. old I killed in Missouri. He was henned up and weighed 22 lbs. His spurs were 1 1/4". I had been on this gobbler the year before and he was uncallable so I got down on my belly and crawled toward him clucking every now and then and would scratch the leaves a little when I stopped to rest. He truly thought I was a new hen coming in to meet him. Everything worked in my favor. I was east of him so he had to deal with the bright morning sun glaring in his eyes. He was in a cedar thicket in a little opening that was in a little depression. It just worked out perfectly. I was on private ground and was hunting with the land owner at the time. Sometimes you have to think outside the box!
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  2. that is most definetly a wall hanger. The stranger things are the better they look on the wall. :clap: Congrats on the kill.

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    It's caused by a fungus. Usually it will be broke off with just an orange end. Very cool that that one has a black end! :up:
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    I have seen a couple that were beginning the first stages of discolorment, but never to the extreme of that one, two-toned with black on the end. Most of the time they are already broken off and brownish/orange on the tip. That is definitely a cool beard to have in your collection.
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    Pretty neat. :thumb:
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    That's a cool beard. He's got a backup beard to boot! Congrats on getting an old wise gobbler, that's a trophy for sure.