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  1. J. Garrett

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    Jeff Long has had nine months to hire a new head coach for the football team. Is this the best he could do? Did all the top tier coaches turn him down? Why didn't he offer the job to Gus Malzahn? He can at least relate to the kids here. I don't know anything about the guy he hired, but he doesn't seem to be a "Home Run" hire to me. I suppose time will tell... Whoo Pig Sooie!!
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    Gus has never been a Head Coach at a Major program, don't get me wrong, I think he'll do well at Auburn, but the guy Long hired has been to 3 straight BCS games, and plays smash mouth football, aka what it takes to win in the SEC.

    Also don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's a home run, but we could have done worse. Lets see what he's got.

  3. Passthrough

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    I don't think Gus was a "top tier choice" for Arkansas. As stated above, he does not have experience as head coach. Auburn would not have been able to get anyone "top tier" IMO with all the NCAA investigations going on. They may really struggle if NCAA sanctions are brought against them.

    Its funny how we all assume Jeff Long is an idiot and we could have made a better choice. I doubt he was up there flipping coins to decide our coach. these are big decisions with a lot of moving pieces. Trust me, Jeff Long wants our new coach to win far more than we do
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    He was a good enough coach to beat us in 07 when we had McFadden, Jones, and DICK.:biggrin:
  6. J. Garrett

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    Don't take me the wrong way, I hope Coach Bielema does very well for the Razorbacks. But, I believe Coach Malzahn has been a winner everywhere he's been. They should have fired HDN and kept Malzahn back when he was OC at Arkansas.
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    From what I've heard, Peterson was offered the job yesterday and was allowed to sleep on it. Woke up this morning and had decided to stay. Bielema was a backup plan, but the more I study on it, a good hire.
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    Not sure many of us saw this one coming. Therefore, a lot of second guessing right now. If you look at his resume, he's pretty good. Hopefully he will turn out to be the coach we all want. Well, most of us want!! Let's move on!
  9. Great hire!! And BB told Long in April he was interested in the job but wanted to take it after this season..
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    and Nutt:down:
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    I am a Wisconsin fan, if ya all don't want him we will dang sure take him back!! Look up his stats, look at the players he has produced, Heismann trophy finalist and NCAA TD record holder Montee Ball....who acquired Russell Wilson (who is a rookie taking the Seahawks to a great season), 3 time straight conf championships, 3 straight Rose Bowls (even though this year is a weird one). He is a good coach. Only complaint is his coahcing skills in the last 2 minutes of games. We have lost numerous games in the last 2 minutes. I think his clock management needs work. We have lost 3 OT games this year and all 5 games by 3 points. My wife is a Razorback fan, so I'm not too upset, at least he is staying in the family. You'll be happy with him. And, he doesn't ride motorcycles
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    Bielema wasn't even on my long list, but I think he's a better hire than Gus and his wild hair wife. Gus has been a winner everywhere he's been, but he's never been a head coach in a big system, or in the best division in the country. Gus would have been a major roll of the dice and that's not something I think Long would be willing to do. I was hoping for Chris Peterson, but apparently that wasn't in the cards. Honestly I didn't have a clue who he was until about 3:30 today when I turned on my radio. I was pretty disappointed when I didn't even recognize the name, but after reading up on him and seeing that Nebraska game this weekend I'm cool with it. Let's give him a few years and see what happens. If he doesn't pan out at least we'll know how Mahlzan can do with the big boys.
  13. jandre

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    Great hire!! I like it!
  14. RL

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    Who says that Gus was not offered the job and turned it down , we will never no the truth . I think we made a good hire . He seems like a stand up guy.
  15. Triple Threat

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    Everything sounds pretty good except the last 2 minutes thing. I hope he does better in the future.
  16. 44

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    You have to remember that Jeff Long couldn't have a direct conversation with any of these guys until after their games on Saturday. I believe Petersen was his goal and it fell through when they had their conversation or shortly after. Bulemic was his back up plan standing in line for the big money.
  17. Why? Because he had to hire somebody, and this was the best he could get right now... Which means back to years of mediocrity for the hogs.

    Hindsight n all but a slap on the wrist is sounding sweeter by the day.
  18. duck

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    You know what. I really think this guy will do a great job for us. I like his honesty and the control he has. I think he is a leader and will kick some butt. Lets get behind him.
  19. THExONE

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    Some of yall amaze me with to crap that comes out of you. If you think BB is a bad hire you know nothing about football. And if I see one more thing about "we should have got Gus" I will puke. It is truly unbelievable.

    Back to mediocrity, seriously? Unreal.....
  20. 44

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    Get over your yourself and your holier than thou opinion of the new coach. Yours is worth the same as everyone else's.