Why we must kill more hen mallards

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by ihateroboducks, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. ihateroboducks

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    One simple concept: Over population. Mallards are simply too plentiful. Went out Saturday and had to bat them away so that I could finally get a shot at a Northern Shoveler. Mallards are going to be like Snow Geese soon and it'll be hard for normal men like myself to kill any Shovelers. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "But, ihateroboducks, what about the ringnecks?" True, they have exploded as of late to make a comeback, but the numbers still aren't where I'd like them. Shovelers breeding grounds have been decimated by the overpopulation of such trash as: mallards, teal, and pintails, just to name a few. I really wish you guys would stop holding up on mallards, especially the hens. Went out Sunday, 10 of us. Got our limit. 20 Hen mallards, 38 ring necks and 2 beautiful Shovelers. That's what I call a good hunt. Here are some proposed guidelines we should all institute to make sure we bring the Northern Shoveler back to prominence:
    1. If you're going to waste a shell on a mallard, make sure it's a hen.
    2. Try to get the limit on hen mallards increased a small amount to somewhere between 10 and 20.
    3. Electronic calls on mallards legal to use.
    4. No plug for special mallard season
    5. Make limit on Shovelers 1 per hunting group.
    6. Have 7 "Debilitating Injury from a Parallel Angle" duck calls on your lanyard.
    7. Make it illegal to kill Drake mallards without at least 1 dead hen mallard
    8. Unlimited shells in Bayou Meto with an even higher mallard limit
    9. Make hunting catfish ponds illegal
    10. Allow all decoy models excluding Shoveler decoys. The realism is too much for the smartest duck of the waterfowl kingdom to resist.

    Thank you all for your cooperation and happy hunting. I really think we have a movement to start on our hands. Let's hope the AFGC, DU, and Delta Waterfowl pick up on this.
  2. birdman24

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    unbelievable you took the time to post this..

    but i am really :censored: glad you are joking

  3. wood duck whacker

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    Best post since season started!
  4. keeb

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    I am just glad that someone finally stood up for the Shoveler. That is one elusive bird. If we don't do something about it now, our children won't be able to enjoy them like we do. :biggrin:
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    If its brown its down :up:
  6. snydedawg

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    The Spoonie---- Official duck of the Dirt Poor Duck Club!!!

    Too funny!!!

    But I'll be gald to come swat some of those pesky old mallards for ya!!! Even swap you a dandy Spoonie hole for a day...... if it ever gets any water!!!
  7. GreenTimber

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    I think agfc already has
  8. tmeredith

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    :fit: Sounds like you took a page from the south AR deer hunter! Ruin the duck hunting for everybody to keep those lease prices down!!:fit::fit:
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    since they pair up does it really matter if you shoot the hens?
  10. ihateroboducks

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    Yeah, it's really getting rough out here. Today we had 100's of stupid mallards bombing the decoys. Had some friends down, they were all giddy about it. No big surprise as they are beginning new age duck hunters. They killed 12 mallards between 3 of them. No hens though so they won't be getting an invite back anytime soon. I did what little part the agfc will limit me to do, I got my 2 hen mallards, 2 teal, a gadwall, and only one Shoveler:banghead: so a pretty terrible hunt. I don't understand why the other guys kept shooting mallards and ruining the hunt. Ok, kill your hens, but let these drakes go. Oh well, I guess it's only fewer drakes that can sling their "duck seed" across old Mexico. Really wish some of you guys would report some Hen kills so I'd feel better.
  11. BIG DOG

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    who was that directed at t?
  12. hawgpharm

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    East End
    We have been working on them smiling mallards. We almost had our limits when some redheaded ducks dropped in and ruined it.

  13. tmeredith

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    Anyone who'd rather see everyones hunting ruined in order to keep their lease prices down.
  14. ihateroboducks

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    Awesome hunt hawgpharm. Best pic I've seen posted on the site. Don't knock those redheads they are some good ducks. A lot better than any old garbage mallards. I don't know that I would have posted this picture though, you know with today's computer geniuses, your honey hole could be spotted.
  15. J. Adams

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    No love for the "small blacks" we have been poundin on the river????
    much more sport in these I think, but Ive been called a little too hardcore for some..
  16. ihateroboducks

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    J. Adams. You sir are a true sportsmen. I thought these very birds to be extinct. I would very much like to get with you. I feel as though a man such as myself could learn so much. The last time I saw one was actually on December of 1999. I was driving home from Lower Vallier and much to my surprise a herd of these beautiful animals were in the road near Cox Cypress. I stood in awe of such a worthy and elusive animal. I have been trying to get one for my mantle for years with no luck. Buddy of mine killed a banded on when we were young, I thought it was a teal so I didn't want to waste a shell on some garbage like that. I know it's asking a lot but if you could just point me in the general direction of where these were killed I would be most appreciative.


  17. J. Adams

    J. Adams Well-Known Member

    Ihateroboducks, I can only assume that is your real name and that your parents were forward thinkers, Finally a sportsman that understands the love of the resource and tradition, I would happily take you under my wing and teach you the ways of "small black" beatdowns, they are never heard and rarely seen, the habitat you described has shrunken to the point of near extinction of the species, If you have discovery channel you can watch the special, there is a variety of gravel only availble in the alluvial plain for x amount of days they must have for their gizzards to properly function and be able to take in they main food they desire (cigarette butts and hickory nutts) it truly is a sad spot amongst us purists, I myself have said I will quit before it gets worse, but the beauty on wing and feet always brings me back.
  18. ihateroboducks

    ihateroboducks Well-Known Member

    I literally just had tears come to my eyes. This is the most heart-felt post ever submitted. You sir, are the epitome of sportsman. God Bless you.

    Also, I would like to add I think you have a beautiful dog. Good to see something other than the typical "head that got stuck in a vice grip" lab. If you don't mind me asking where did you get it and is it a male or female?