why they play the game....Saints lose

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  1. in the playoffs each team enters with a 0-0 record.....win and move on...lose and go home...real simple.....the Seattle Seahawks enter with a losing record and manage to get a victory over the New Orleans Saints.....congrats to that team on the victory........once again this is why we play the game,there are no for gone conclusions......injuries,weather,crowd noise,and all the like play a key role......there is always next year for all the teams that are not still playing....:thumb:
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    I hated to see the Saints lose, but I thought it was kind of ironic that a team came in with stats of 7 and 9 and whooped em:whistle:

  3. can't have enough running backs....

    learned that a looong time ago and it is still true....No Ivory or Thomas, spotty O-line work and no pressure from the front 4 on the D-line.....for a team that is already pass heavy they need someone to run it just a bit........hard to get folks in on short notice...... the ability to run the ball & play-D is key in the playoffs
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    The last score I heard I thought they said 34-20 Saints, but they were still playing at that time.
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    Eight broke tackles on 3rd and 12, and ya give up a 67 yard TD? Can't protect the QB with a 3 man rush? At least LSU was another SEC West team that won.
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    I just got through looking at the score from the game and must have heard backwards. :shrug:
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    I hate it that they lost. Hate to see anyone lose to that clown Pete Carroll..
  8. jets got the colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a lot of folks took the Colts in this one...but looks like neither team from last year's Super Bowl will make it back.....