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    As title says, how come they have what they have on the poorest looking habitat in the world and here little but nothing. Son sent me these from our Oklahoma turkey spot


    In total he saw 31 Long Beards, about the same amount of Jakes in 4 different groups on a Thursday morning deer hunt last week. And other groups of massive amounts of hens and Jennie’s
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    Anyone else having trouble seeing these pics
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    Yes, I can’t see them, either. It’s about 50/50 lately.
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    No pics. We need pics. Come on man!
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    I will try again. Don’t know what’s up. I see them fine on my phone. Here goes??



    See em????
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    Good! Like I said, wish we had them here like they do.

    Guess my phone was issue. I just Updated to 11.1. That “fix” Screwed up a bunch of settings. Somehow photo link to sight had been turned off and changed to read and write only. May be the issue for many posting and being able to see?
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    I deer hunted eastern nebraska back in about 05 and 06 and the turkeys were so thick they were a nuisance in the mornings. They were so loud waking up you couldn't hear if there was a deer coming. We saw many grougs of 50 or more turkeys and we saw 1 flock that must have had 200 birds in it.
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    My guess partly is that being flocked up gives them more protection from predators. Ours seems to have 10-15 together at most in winters and 1-3 together in spring and summer. Maybe they are easier to kill by predators.
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    A buddy of mine lived out in NW OK for a while and told me I needed to come out and go turkey hunting with him, but to bring my bow because we would probably be frowned upon for shooting them in the city streets with a shotgun!
    He used to text me pictures all the time of having to wait on groups of birds that were out strutting in the middle of the streets and such.
    I bet it wouldn't take too many Bradley County folks moving in to that area to remedy that problem rather quick though.
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    nobody tries to control the varmints much - they kill a bunch of turkeys

    habitat matters too