Why I love Arkansas people.

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    Arkansans are special folks. I have a nine year old great grandson who loves the woods and loves to hunt, whether he takes game or not. Its hard to leave home without him, except at night. (He's working on that drawback.) He doesn't care how far we walk, or through what terrain, he's ready to go. Of course, after that last heart attack, I don't take him alone any more.

    Anyway, this past Saturday we, he and I, and his Dad and Granddad, were in the bottoms. He and I hunted together. He was wearing a pair of cheap, thin, rubber boots that one of his grandmother's had bought him earlier this year. While he and I (the others were within cell range) were hunting (?), mostly arrowheads after he spotted chipped flint at an old Indian camp, I noticed that his boots had separated along the bottoms. I asked him when that happened, and he said during mine and his last hunt. I told him we had to go back to my truck because it was too cold to wear those things. He pleaded for us to stay, and I gave in, but I told him that Sunday afternoon we were going to get him some insulated boots for the bottoms.

    He and I drove to Wal-Mart this afternoon. We found him some boots and started to the check out line before I realized that I had left my billfold at home. We put the boots back on the shelf, and stopped and asked a checker if they would take a personal check without ID. She said that was no problem. We walked back to my truck, and I got my personal checkbook (for "hunting and fishing, and such), went back in, got the boots, and waited in a long line to check out. OF COURSE, the checker said I had to have ID for the check. I pointed to the other checker and told my checker what the girl had said. She said I still had to have ID. I told her to cancel the sale, and I would come back later. I had already signed the check, and she handed it back to me.

    Then, a young woman behind me stepped up before the sale was canceled, swiped her bank card through the scanner and said "I'm paying for the boy's boots". I protested, she just smiled, looked at my great grandson, and said, "Have a Merry Christmas". I asked for her name and address, and she just smiled and shook her head. I then gave her the signed but blank check, and insisted she take it. To keep from blocking the line she said, "OK, OK, I'll take it." The checker completed the boot deal, and started checking her basket of goods. I and my great grandson thanked her and wished her and her family a Merry Christmas. She said, "This will make me feel better this Christmas". I smiled and turned to leave but saw her tear my check in half. She just smiled and waved.

    The ironic thing was that when I got home and checked my e-mail I found a request from a friend of mine from Florida (another crazy, but younger, and MUCH better equipped Bigfoot hunter) for donations for a family of five that were good people, but had undergone a streak of bad luck and needed help. I immediately sent him a donation equal to the price of the boots.

    While looking for the right place to post this thread on the forum, I saw and read the, "Family in need of elect water heater" thread. I had not seen the thread before. I'm sorry I didn't. BUT, YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME. :clap: :biggrin:. That's why I think Arkansans are EXTRA SPECIAL!
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    I don't think you'll get nearly as much arguing on this thread Tal, and I absolutely agree with you. :up:



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    Awesome! :up:
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    Awsome there always folks still like that. I do it if I have the extra cash.
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    Great post! It really is special when someone does something unexpected for you, and even more when you get to do the giving.
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    Great story, and it just goes to show that their are still alot of great people left in this world. We need to hear more of these stories rather than the ugly ones, maybe that would help get us back on track.

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    That's the kind of thing that reassures a person that there really are still good people out there. Thanks for the story.:up:
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    X TWO! :thumb:

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    Now that we can agree on!:up:
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    That's a great story...Thank you for sharing it. :up:
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    Good story Tal. Just proves that there are still truly good people out there. :up:
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    That's a great story my friend. Thanks for sharing it. Imagine what our communities would be like if we all looked for such opportunities to bless someone else. :up:
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    Awww that is sweet of her. I tried to do something nice like that once. I was eating at Ghengis Grill in Little Rock and this couple was having trouble paying. Like, I think their cards weren't working or something. I offered to pay and they pretty much refused to let me because one of them knew the owner and said they'd be fine. I felt good for trying, though. And I'm not even from Arkansas, LOL. I've only lived here a year. :)

    Fantastic story, though. That's awesome.
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    Excellent story. I truly believe MOST people are good and gracious!

    The problem is that the @-holes are so loud and bositerous that the quiet and unassuming good folks just get drowned out and we don't notice them as often!!!

    Something I have noticed this year and even saw just a bit ago at Wal-Mart no less..... most folks really seem to be happier and friendlier this year than I remember in a very long time!!! I mean like in parking lots, and check out lines, restaurants.... lots of places I've been in the past couple of weeks people have just really been nice!!! Cordial, respectful and well..... pleasant!

    Now that I've said all this I'll run across every jerk out there until after the New Year!!!
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    What a great story! I have to agree on how good AR folks are.
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    great story, that actually gave me a chill reading it. gotta love good ole Arkansans!!
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    great story! i can't see my keybord anymore.
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    Great story

    Thank God that there are still people like that out there. Last summer I lived in Arlington, Texas and my wife and I pulled into Sonic for an ice cream. It was a very very hot Texas day and there were three kids (the boy about 10 years old was the oldest with his little sisters) sitting under the canopy waiting on their ice cream order. When it came out he pulled out his money and did not have enough. We could tell by watching them. My wife jumped out of our car and handed the carhop enough money to pay for their order. The kids looked confused :head: but happy that they got their ice cream:clap:.