Why Do You Hunt Bayou Meto?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by SwampCat, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. SwampCat

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    I am just curious, and NOT going anywhere with this or trying to get anything started. I used to hunt BM quite a bit, but finally gave it up to the racers, skybusters, crowding, etc. Just was not my cup of tea, but love hunting ducks in the timber, but I don't love the hastle.

    Why do you hunt BM - no where else to hunt, is it so good that it is better than anywhere else you could hunt, or is it tradition - hunted there all my life and gonna keep hunting there - maybe a combination of all - or something else?

    I know a big bunch of mallards sifting down through the trees is almost enough to make me sell my soul - almost.
  2. coonnutz

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    The whole 2 times I've hunted there I've asked myself that very same question:smack:

  3. Hud_AthensArcher

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    Because I have spinners and use them because they are legal. :whistle: Probably because on a good year with plenty of water you can get away from most of the idiots, but this year you have to be amongst all of them. Plus, it is sure pretty to watch those greenheads dodge limbs and try an land on your head.
  4. bhunts

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    I had a farm near Pettus to hunt until I left for college and never really had to do public that much. Now that I have hunted the meto every year since I came back I couldn't do anything else.

    I would rather not hunt then walk out to the same ole blind everyday and if I kill ducks I kill ducks if not well then there is always tomorrow and hope they come. At the meto there are endless possibilities and tucked away places to find ducks (normal water level years) and the ducks happen to be my favorite species.

    I have been to plenty of "slipper hunt" places and quite frankly you don't really hunt anything. Basically rinse repeat same ole same ole everyday. Some folks couldn't use woodsmanship if their life depended upon it and I have learned a ton from having to actually hunt meto. Take those same slipper hunt guys who think they are gods gift to duck hunting and drop them off in the meto for a year and see what happens. Take some meto hunters into their private ground and a slaughtering will occur.

    Nothing against private land either, I personally have hunted it all my life growing up and currently have some leases myself. If someone told me I could have 400 or so acres of woods in the private meto block by slick's, ummmm...bye bye Duck Ln hello slippers. But I am a better hunter for the time I have spent roughin it against the best and the worst.
  5. klittle250

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    Yup, you feel like you've earned your ducks when you pull out of the lot. And besides, where else is my dog gonna wear his face paint :shrug:
  6. I was thinking this the other day. I usually go down there 1-3 times a year just to say that I have. It's hard for me to get inspired this year with the lack of water there, but I have been once. I'm not big on putting up with all the bullcrap. Honestly, I'd rather hunt a less-key place, shoot a few less ducks, then have to deal with the hassle and crowds down there.
  7. bhunts

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    It definitely sucks this year due to the water situation, I haven't been as much as I normally go b/c of the crowds myself. Hopefully the youngsters and holiday folks will be thinned out and it will be better by the end of jan. Ducks are gonna think twice about landing in that mudhole by then so it may not matter. With the little amount of water we have, there is not many places for them to go and get away from most of the hunters.
  8. nturchi

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    I threw a dart on a map and that's were I've been since.
  9. BDW

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    I used to go some, but the crowds and hassle aren't for me anymore.

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    I hunt meto because i found that if i could kill ducks in a crowded WMA like meto, then i could make easy work of mallards in private timber. It's not only the challenge of killing ducks, it's the challenge of killing ducks surrounded by idiots, skybusters and out of staters that makes it worth while. A serious Bayou Meto duck killer can sharpen his skills to the point of easily working ducks in a non crowded area.
  11. CutDown

    CutDown Well-Known Member

    I laid a map on the table and said to DJ Williams, where should we hunt? He pointed and Bayou Meto is where his finger landed!

  12. bhunts

    bhunts Well-Known Member

    And when you gave him your last shell I bet he dropped it!

    Ouch! Too soon?
  13. CutDown

    CutDown Well-Known Member

    He did!

    Joe Adams dropped all 15 of his, but don't worry he talked trash in the hole all morning!
  14. nturchi

    nturchi Well-Known Member

    well we all know now you can go back to your truck and get more so it's ok just send that ninja back to da truck
  15. madduck87

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    I think of people go to bayou meto for the nostalgia of saying i hunt the metro...the scatters...i hunt where mcullough hunts and where RNT boys hunt...we duck hunters like to brag and there fore we have created the idea that the metro is duck heaven at its finest and purest...i like the cache, white, and the swamp, but i still find my myself at the ol scatter boat ramp...just somethin about being in the thick of things and coming with a limit so all at the ramp can see....that my boys is why we all hunt the metro...its where our daddys and granddaddys slayed em...and its where we go to prove to ourselves that were just like the men of old....like the legends...the ultimate duck killing machines
  16. kwackwacker809

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    If u ever hunted in Clark county u would find that the crowds anit that bad over there if you can actually get to kill ducks. and I fell the same way when we get to the ramp with a limit after dealing with the skybusters and the rest of the idoits
  17. duinbb

    duinbb Well-Known Member

    Because it's my home !!!

    I cut my teeth in those woods . I learned the art of the black call standing next to legends , Lester C , Steve S . Building and finishing giant bunches of ducks !!

    Listening to Monroe and Harley tell stories of the glory days , trappin , boot legging whiskey and killing ducks .

    It's where my heart is , not because of a duck . But when that stiff north wind blows in nov it's where I was always supposed to be .

    You see that's why those woods are so personal to me . It's the history , heritage and the most important RESPECT for those who came before us and paved the way :up:

    Oh yea , I forgot to mention that's where my house is :fit::fit:
  18. jwalker

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    If u walk in bout how far of a walk is it this year??
  19. Clear_Shot

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    Because even with all the garbage people, it's still the best place to timber hunt on public land. And even with all the idiots, we still kill ducks, because good duck hunters can kill ducks no matter what the odds...:up:

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member