why do they wait till its dark to move

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  1. I sat in the stand from around 245 till dark today. As I stood up to get out of my stand I heard something walking up. So I waited and out walked a nice buck with a good spread. He was about 40 yards away and walking torward me. He got right to 20 yards turned broadside and stopped. I was pumped. I came to full draw and realized it was just barely to dark. :banghead: Had he came out 5 minutes faster it would have been game over. So instead I had to sit there for an extra 40 minutes so I did not spook him, freezing my :censored: off might I add. I still think I could have made the shot but I did NOT want to chance it. Maybe he will give me another opertunity at him. On the plus side atleast I finally seen a deer, :biggrin:
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    Man that sucks, but you made the right decision by not shooting if you didn't feel confident.
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    Just to make us mad. :mad:

    I will rattle off the wives tales.

    1. Hunting pressure.
    2. They are smart.
    3. The moon.
    4. They didnt get big by being dumb.
    5. The flash on your camera scares them into being nocturnal.
    6. Going in and checking your corn makes them nocturnal.
    7. You need to be in a "transitional" area between feeding and bedding or they go nocturnal.

    Take your pick or add your own. :shrug:
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    I seen 6 at 4:14 and 1 at around 5:00. Shot, but I think I missed.
  5. as angry as I am at myself for letting him walk on out. I know that I could not have placed a good kill shot on him. I am a firm believer in not pushing a shot. I don't want to hurt a deer I want to kill it. I made the right decision but man it was a hard one to make. Maybe he will give me another chance. Thats all that I can hope for. He is a picture of him. Not from tonight but this is the same one that walked out.
  6. Sorry that happened to you. But just like I said atleast you seen something today
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    Let him grow.:wink:
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    You'll get him next time!:thumb:
  9. with the way my season has gone this year. If its legal I am going to kill it.
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    Well, I would not be to pressure in killing another, but a guy gave me 600lbs of bran. I want to kill him one. So if I can do that, I'll be done.
  11. that's an awesome buck. I'm glad that you didn't take a poor shot and miss. Hopefully he will come back around during the day and you can have a nice trophy to show off!
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    Kudos to you for making an ethical decision. I hope you get him. It's gonna be sweet when you do.
  13. thanks, I appreciate it. I can't wait to try again at him. I think it is going to be one of my more rewarding kills if I do. I have put in a LOT of work this season with no results, so any pay off is going to be great. Especially if its him.
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    bet they move this evening...
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    I agree. I'll be back this afternoon. Good luck to all....
  16. trust me if the wife will let me, I will be going back in the stand this afternoon.
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    Get on hands and knees. Then say " PLEEEEEEASE"....:razz:
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    Good decision on the no shot. Look at it this way, even if you don't get another crack at him this year, it's late enough now that he'll more than likely make it to next year. Hopefully, if that's the case, you can get some velvet pics of him. He ought to be a sho'nuff stud next year, that's if you can't get him this year. Good luck
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    I think you made the right decision. Maybe he will show up a few minutes earlier on the next hunt. I've made a couple of poor shots when shooting at last light. Good luck!!
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    Well, I gotta say I do not know you but I do have a lot more respect for you for passing on a marginal shot. I've been there, believe me. It's hard to pass a good buck and I was hunting on a tiny piece of ground that I knew someone else had a much better chance of killing the deer later than I did. But it was the right thing to do.