Why can't we hunt without thieves

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by ozark outdoorsman, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Account Suspended

    Well, this afternoon I discovered that some no good for nothing thief stole my climbing sticks. :mad: I worked to pay for them and used them just a few times this season and now someone else is using them now.

    Just some more bull crap of hunting public land. I use a climber 99% of the time on public land except when I need to get in a tree a climber cant get. That is pretty discouraging to me. Now I just gotta get another set of climbing sticks.
  2. hogman

    hogman Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the thief will fall out of the tree while using them. He deserves to.

  3. F B

    F B Administrator Staff Member

    I had a set of climbing sticks, a lock on, and a feeder stolen from private property this week. :mad:

    Its all fenced so unless its someone we know and allow to hunt out here (a real possibility) they would have had to carry it a pretty good ways.
  4. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    I never leave equipment on public land for that very reason the only time that I do is I am hunting with it several days in a row. I hate to see your loss I think from now on I will engrave everthing I have.
  5. possum

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    It's a sad but I've even had to start locking my stands to the trees on private land even. I know of several people including myself that have had stands stolen off of private land over the last several years.
  6. totalcomfort

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    IR flash trailcam!!It is sad but true.I used one on a stand I had,got picture of the person taking it down,went to police in his town,they went with me to his house to confront him.Showed him the pictures and he gave me my stand back.I still pressed charges and went to court.He was fined and court cost.I have not had any problems from his group since.Use a cam and take them to court,not alot will happen to them but the word will get out!!!
  7. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    Do you camo that thing up? I'd be worried I'd get a treestand AND trailcam stolen.
  8. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Aren't you supposed to have your name and address on your stand on public land anyway? :confused:
  9. millennium man

    millennium man Well-Known Member

    Yeah! Someone stole my Trailcam with memory card and rechargeable battery earlier this year. I wish they could put a tiny microchip in those things like they put in pets so you coukld track it to someones house and knock on the door:mad:
  10. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    They do! The new cams that use a cell phone to email pics have the same GPS chip in them that all other cell phones do. Not only do you immediately get pics in your email of the person trying to steal it, you can have the police track the signal to their house :thumb: That is, if you don't mind dropping $600+/+monthly cell fees...
  11. millennium man

    millennium man Well-Known Member

    WOW! didn't know that! Maybe in a couple of years those units may be alittle more affordable.
  12. droptine150

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    sorry people

    you have to do like i do and carry a gazillion feet of chain and locks. it wont stop them but it will slow em down a little. drill holes in your ladders and put locks on each section and then go around your chain on stand. sounds childish but these are the days we live in. no values and no reapect for one another..... its a shame
  13. Bowman

    Bowman Well-Known Member

    I lock on everything I can, even on our private land. When I am done using my climber I put both pieces together at the bottom of the tree and use a long bicycle style lock and go around them. Takes a little more time the next day to get up the tree but at least its still there.
  14. TheBattman

    TheBattman Select Member<br>2010-11 Deer Hunting Contest Winn

    The problem with that idea - with the liberal courts they way they are now, if the thief falls because of your climbing sticks, he might sue you - and win...:mad:

  15. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Account Suspended

    Well, these were 4 different individual stick sections. I don't have a convienent way to lock them up but I always cable lock my stands, even that don't always guarantee your stand will be there when you come back though. Well, maybe they'll get what's coming to them.
  16. D33RHUNT3R

    D33RHUNT3R Well-Known Member

    I have been very fortunate so far.... One idea maybe to to hide your sticks well camoed and covered near by locking what you can ... this forces them not only to have their own way to climb the tree but also splits your losses of both stand and climbing stixs maybe you could hide your steps under a log pile with leaves or maybe a hole or ditch that they can be covered in or something along that line..
  17. ozarkhunter

    ozarkhunter Well-Known Member

    Mabe these theives are too poor to buy their own. You all should lighten up and feel sorry for them.:hide:
  18. Theft of hunting equipment should be a felony regardless of the value of the equipment stolen. Most tree stand and step thefts currently are just a misdemeanor. Don't only should it be a felony, the thief should have to buy the victim two of the items stolen and the thief should be barred for life from getting a hunting license.

    I thinking about using some of the gorilla brand steps that hang on the tree like a hang on tree stand and put the first set of steps at least ten feet off the ground. Then use the strap on individual steps to cover the first ten feet which I can remove after every hunt.

    Has anyone had any good / bad experiences using the strap on steps? They're heavy I know that but I'm thinking I'll only need three of them to go ten feet.
  19. antler3

    antler3 Well-Known Member

    I had the bottom of my automatic feeder stolen off private land this year :mad: First time i have ever been bothered. Gotta be one of two people. And I won't forget............:wink:
  20. N2DP

    N2DP Well-Known Member

    I found out Friday morning that I no longer have a trail-cam and my feeder was taken apart. Whoever it was will show back up. Thieves are usaully greedy...and stupid. One or the other will get them caught every time.