wholesale Leupolds

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  2. hogdiggity

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    never heard of them. If it isn't a scam it is incredible pricing, below wholesale. Kind of puts me in the mind of "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". If you decide to take a chance let us know.

  3. demented

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    Be very careful....remember the warning about counterfeit Chinese Leupold scopes? Went there, yep those have to be Chinese copies. When I still had my FFL, I might have been able to save a buyer 50-75 bucks off retail, that's on the upper end scopes, the lower priced VX-1's perhaps $25 if I searched long enough for the best price. There just ain't that much dealer mark-up.
  4. Hudge

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    Leupold sets the prices that retailers can charge for their scopes. This why you rarely see them on sale, and if they are, others usually have the same sale on them going. I would be very leery of this sight. Also, that is not a normal Leupold box they show. No matter where you get a Leupold the packaging should be the same.
  5. sportsmanetc

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    That is what I was looking at as well. I looked at thier reviews and found a couple of dealers that wound up getting stuck with the scopes because of being made in China.
  6. sportsmanetc

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    Thanks Flintknapper. Sounded to good to be true.:banghead:
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    I'm thru buying cheap knockoffs, they always suck and break quick
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    Knockoff or not, I am done buying cheap scopes period! Too much heartache and problem with them. Not saying I am buying a $1400 Swarovski by any means, but I will buy Bushnell Elites, Burris, Nikon, Leupold, and a few other only from now on.
  9. WillyB71

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    Last 3 I have bought (Leupold & Burris) came from Ebay. New in the factory sealed box & cheaper than everyone else by $20-50, plus no tax and no freight.
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