Who or what is your town famous for?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by JR, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. JR

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    I'll have to say that Batesville is famous for Mark Martin of course. :biggrin:
  2. sam

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    Damaascus, 1980 Titan II missile silo explosion, 3/4 mile from my farm and home.

  3. Russellville, home of Corliss Williamson. Also known for some Chevy Kehoe murders, the Nona Dirksmeyer murder, and Arkansas Nuclear One.

    Oh yeah, Bassmaster Classic and stuff is also on Lake Dardanelle.

    And the soon to be someday famous Rye Bailey was born there. :thumb:
  4. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Tall Pines (more like clearcuts and 5 year old pine plantations now) and Pink Tomatoes.
  5. wildhog62

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    The Diamond Mine
  6. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    bill clinton :smack:
  7. reflex1

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    Dan Hampton (Chicago Bears)
  8. John Stiles

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    Tulip was almost was the capitol of Arkansas!
  9. elwaller

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    Heber Springs, located by Greer's Ferry lake, Little Red River, 7 - sulphur springs located in town at Spring park, 1 of the Sugarloaf mtns. close by, and natural beauty of town.
  10. Bruin

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    Cabot is famous for traffic jams, overcrowding, and the prime target of the "Great White Flight".
    Won't you come join us?:smack:
  11. JR

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    Ha! I grew up in Cabot, born in 1974, I graduated from Cabot High School in 1992, and my dad taught high school agriculture down there. My folks moved in the summer of 1994 and I left in the winter of that same year, after our house sold. :thumb:
  12. Gruntcall

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    Conway....The only wet town in a dry county. Potholes. Traffic.:biggrin:
  13. Double M

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    Carlisle-where rice was first grown in AR. Home of Miss AR 2007 Amber Bennett
  14. Gruntcall

    Gruntcall Well-Known Member

    Oh, and Toad Suck.:rolleyes:
  15. jimmyh

    jimmyh Well-Known Member

    Gosnell, Nothing.
  16. .270Win

    .270Win Well-Known Member

    I was born and raised in Stuttgart:

    Rice & Duck Capital of the World
    Wings Over The Prairie Festival
    World Duck Calling Championship
    Mack's Prairie Wings (I can easily remember when it was called "Mack's Sports Shop" in a small building on Michigan Street.)
    Riceland Home Office
    Childhood home of Zettie Jones (famous Arkansas wildlife artist, sister of my best friend in school.)
    Snootiest people in the state

    Lived in Pine Bluff for the past 20 years:

    Victim of largest case of "white flight" in the history of Arkansas
    Past home of Mike Huckabee
    Past home of Ben Pearson and the Ben Pearson Company

  17. TheBattman

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    Here in Carlisle, there use to be a drag strip out by the airport. In fact, when I bump in to older folks around the state, that is the first thing they mention is the drag racing. That has been gone for probably close to 20 years now.

    MOSQUITOES!!! Stuttgart may be the "rice capital", but they don't actually have any more mosquitoes than we do! :giveup:

    Last Year's Ms. Arkansas was from Carlisle (Amber Bennett).:thumb:

    2007 Arkansas Class AA Girls Basketball champions.:thumb:

    Football team that has made 4 trips to the state championship game with zero titles to show for it....:smack:

    And .270--- I agree with your bit about Pine Bluff. I grew up there... it isn't any better now than it was back then.
  18. .270Win

    .270Win Well-Known Member

    I promise you it's much worse now than it ever was in the past. They should rename it "Lil' L.A." or "L.A. South". I think that's what 80% of the population here wants PB to be anyway. :frown:


    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Camden..Queen City of the Ouachita (river)

    Camden/E Camden....Home of the Army's MLRS defense system.......

    Camark Pottery.....

    Grapette sodas...

    The Daffodil Festival......

    The award winning White House Cafe (Mexican food and steaks) and Wood's Place, Best Catfish in Town!!!!!

    270.....Was born in Pine Bluff (still got family in the area) and I hear what you're saying...worked a storm there a few years ago, in the neighborhood where my Grandparents lived...used to be a nice quiet place....no comparison to now!!!!!
  20. You forgot it has got to be in second for "White Flight"!!!!!!!!:biggrin: