Who is going to the Public Meetings?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 1tuffdog, Jan 2, 2008.

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    How many of ya'll are going to the public meetings next Tuesday (Jan 8) for input on the 2008-09 Deer hunting regulations?

    What changes or additions would you like to see?

    I for one would like to see ZONE 12 (or other high doe areas) get more doe tags during modern gun season, instead of being limited to two. They can keep the limit to 4 deer total ,but would like to be able to manage the herd I hunt a little better. I know I can get four doe with a bow, but that is something I do not enjoy.

    I would also like to see a little longer muzzle loading season after modern gun. At least a week instead of three days.
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    When and where are the meetings?

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  4. Tony Harris

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  5. I will probably not attend, but I am writing a letter to submit my written opinions on zone 12:

    1. reduce the size of zone 12 to Grant, Dallas, Columbia, Cleveland, Calhoun, Jefferson, Union and Ashley Counties
    2. mandate that doe must be killed before killing a buck.
    3. Support the 4x4 slot rule
  6. jason7655

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    are you going to give them your reasons for the 3 things you are asking for?

    I would suggest that much.
  7. Ok, my head is not on straight, these meetings are only for actual regulations and not the deer management plan, right??? I am probably confused as normal:smack:
  8. jason7655

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    I don't know for sure what kind of suggestions are desired. I think you have good opinions just say why you think zone 12 should be like that.

    Hunters may voice their opinions about hunting regulations and seasons at one of 11 public meetings across the state Tuesday, Jan. 8.

    The meetings are part of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s annual hunting regulations process. They are held to give hunters and other interested parties the opportunity to make comments and proposals for the 2008-09 hunting seasons.
  9. CP

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    From AGFC site.....

    "Comments may be verbal or written. Written comments may be submitted at one of the meetings or mailed to the AGFC, Hunting Regulations Proposals, 2 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock, AR 72205. Comments can also be made on the AGFC Web site at http://www.agfc.com/hunting/public-meeting.aspx. The deadline for comments is Jan. 31."

    Wish G&F could try a little harder....
    The "LINK" takes you to a "Page not Found" thingy...:smack: :smack:
    Great job.
  10. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    If I really thought that comments were used, and not just thrown in the trash can, I might go. I personally think that the AGFC has to have the meetings, so with reluctance, they have them. After the meetings are over, they get a good laugh and the good ole boy stuff just keeps on going.
  11. CP

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    Mr. C...I thought about saying much the same thing...but...the trailing three or so would have given me ten more "smites". and I am tired of their BS....:fit: :fit: :fit:

    Somehow...I think you are safe, however....
  12. Gooch

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    Here you go! This will be just as good!

    A great direct survey to Little Rock!
  13. bayman1975

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    I'm going to the Jonesboro meeting.

    I'd like to see all youth hunters, under the age of 16, get no antler restrictions, and a bag limit that includes one doe deer.

    The G&F can then use their formula to decide whether to give out additional doe permits.
  14. Paul Jones

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    I'm going to the Jonesboro meeting and I don't really have anything that I want to see changed. I just think it helps for hunters to show up to show that we care about our sport. If I was to choose some things the I would like to be changed they would be: I do like the idea that bayman had about the limit for youth hunters. I also would like to see the flood prone regions changed. I hunt in zone 4 around Waldenburg and our water level is gauged on the Cache River. A large portion of land around where I hunt is not affected in the least bit by high water. We definetly aren't affected by the depth of the Cache.
  15. bayman1975

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    Several of us are meeting at Ed's Catfish before the meeting.
  16. redeye

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    Start bow season on September 15, does only untill Oct.1, It might help on doe management :thumb:
  17. dspeakes

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    I will be at the Jonesboro meeting.
  18. PUDDLE

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    I will be at Fayetteville.

    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    As bayman said several of us are meeting at Ed's catfish in Jonesboro around 5:00 if any of yall want to meet us there and eat and chat some, then head to the meeting?

    Hope to see yall there. Jeff
  20. Earnhardt fan #1

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    I'm headed to Mtn View :biggrin: