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Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by GWHunter, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. GWHunter

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    to tell the Razorbacks that there was a game in Dallas that they were supposed to play in today?

    If Mizzou had showed up for this Game we would be trailing by 54 right now instead of 24.

    Worst game I've seen the Hogs play in at least two years.
  2. Hate to say it but we are playing Nuttless today. It is a total embarrassment.:censored:

  3. spur

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    Defensive line was manhandled. Offensive line didn't sustain blocks. CD still isn't a QB. WR's drooped balls. OUr star RB's put the ball on the ground!Distractions abounded during bowl preps and it showed!
    Ready for next year!
  4. Question for Anybody

    Do you think that Petrino will start another QB even though CD will be a senior? The boy just can't run out of a closet. Or do you think Petrino will build his spread offense around CD? Do you think that Felix will stay and play his senior year or is he gone?

    I am ready for Spring Football. I am sure we will loose some games but I hope we never see another game where the effort and desire was just not there. This game was worse than the Tennessee game and I thought we just had one of these once a season. How soon do I forget.:smack:
  5. Mule man

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    I HOPE he finds a new qb. Dick is just so inconsistent, has no foot speed, can't read defenses and doesn't have a strong throwing arm. He also isn't a leader and doesn't seem to have the "IT" factor. The will to win at any cost. Other than that he's OK. Didn't I hear that Petrino had recruited a junior college qb that had been running the spread? I hope.
  6. possum

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    I don't see CD be the QB next year unless he makes some major improvements which isn't out of the question I believe he's shown some flashes this year but he's just not been consistent. The coaching change might help him because I don't think the passing game was worked on much under the former coaching staff. Felix....I don't expect him to be back but I may be surprised.

    CDL, I'm ready for Spring football too. I haven't really look to see what the Longhorns have coming back. :biggrin:
  7. pointman

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    It's them dang red pants... :teach:
  8. D33RHUNT3R

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    Nathan Dick was Recruited by Petrino at Louisville...I believe someone else will be QB next season either way....CD cant think on his feet.... He cant see the Field and make quick reads...
  9. jjarvis0007

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    Get this??

    The rumor now is that all the Hogs had a case of pink-eye! You got to be kiddin me! :smack:
  10. fatrat

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    ive heard they were talking to a 6'4' qb out of greenwood thats the #12 in the nation. Dmac aint gonna be here next year jones is gonna stay for his senoir year they need to get a defense thats wont lose a game in the last few minutes of the game. on the bright michigan won there bowl game.
  11. I'm glad I opted to run around in the woods:thumb:

    And no Casey Dick took his last game snap IMO!!!!!!!!
  12. F B

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    I just got back from the game and I dont know where to start so I guess it will be with the pants.

    I hope they NEVER wear them again. They just didnt look like the Razorbacks to me.

    I can handle losing but to be totally whipped like we were today is embarassing.

    The Hogs were totally outplayed at pretty much every position. Our O line stunk, our D line stunk, our kicking game stunk, our game plan stunk, and our coaching stunk.

    Im glad Nutt is gone and while I appreciate the job Herring did keeping the team together after Nutt left, I hope him and David Lee are both packed up and gone by sundown tomorrow. I never have been real crazy about Herring coached defenses and today was no exception.

    As for Lee, all season long I thought that maybe Nutt was holding him back at least a little bit but after today I see that I was wrong.

    He's just a poor excuse for an OC. I thought that when he was hired and I feel the same way today. If that was the best game plan he could come up with then its no wonder that he has only had one head coaching job and that he didnt do very well at it. I dont think we'll have too much to worry about Ole Miss with him calling the shots if this is the best he can do.

    Does Casey Dick just not have any kind of arm at all or is David Lee too scared to throw the ball down the field a few times to try to keep the defense honest?

    All their defense had to do was defend the first 10 or 15 yards downfield because we were either going to run the ball or throw something short.

    Our defense, especially against the run, was pitiful. How in the world do you let a guy set not one but two Cotton Bowl records?

    Missouri is a good team and I give them credit for coming up with a good game plan and executing it but they arent any better than teams we play every week in the SEC.

    Our players just didnt seem like they wanted it for some reason.

    I wonder what Broyles thinks about the no huddle spread offense now after seeing the Hogs demolished by it? It might not work against the other teams in the SEC but it worked pretty darn good against the Hogs.

    Im just glad a new day is finally dawning in Fayetville.

    Maybe with Petrino at the helm, Arkansas will actually have a more modern offense that will create excitement for fans and players alike.

    Sorry for the rant but the bad part is that if I wasnt so tired from leaving home at 2 am and driving to Dallas and back Id have more. :rolleyes:
  13. Mule man

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    FB, I wish you wouldn't hold back! Just come out with it :wink: I agree with you 100%. No effort or motivation. I'm ready for a new beginning.
  14. F B

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    It was an embarassment for the whole state as well as the program and even the SEC.

    Our tickets were on the Big 12 side so we had plenty of Tiger fans all around us.

    "This is SEC football?"

    "Where is your first string QB and why isnt he playing?"

    "Can he (CD) throw it further than 10 yards?"

    The fans deserved better than that.

    You should have seen the looks on the faces of the Hog fans.




    You get a month to prepare for a game and this is the best you can do?

    This is opening up the offense?
  15. And what is Arkansas's bowl record??

    What was HDN's?

    And now Reggie's as head coach?

    What does CD's daddy do in Texas..............gotta have money to have bought him the starting QB position for the Razorbacks.............Oh well maybe not ............

    Maybe the new era will be better now that Broyles is gone and Nuttless is in MS.:rolleyes:
  16. F B

    F B Administrator Staff Member

    If I remember right Nutt's bowl record at Arkansas was 2-7.

    I dont know Arkansas' overall bowl record off hand but it probably aint a whole lot better percentage wise. :smack:
  17. I beleive until yesterday they had lost 11 of the last 13 bowl games...........well now 12 losses of the last 14 bowl games.

    I am not sure for the school overall but I don't think it's good either. If they were graded for bowl performance they would be failing so bad returning to attempt again would not be an option.

    I think the term Super Size may be used alot by some of those players!!!!:eek:
  18. FB, you and I have disagreed about a lot of things but I go on record that I agree with everything you said about yesterday's game. It was an embarrassment to the fans, the state of Arkansas and the SEC. All deserve better. I too am ready for the Petrino era to start. If you stayed for the whole game I have to give you credit that the next time you sit in a dental chair, just tell the dentist you don't need any Novocain. You watched the Hogs play in the Cotton Bowl.:thumb:
  19. I believe that someone forgot to mention to the players that Mizzou was ranked #1 for a short time, but they were still ranked there. They came in to the game ranked #7. I believe the boys took them way too litely....

    The word out this afternoon is that the players had no curfew's, and that they stayed out all week drinking and partying and smoking weed. Then RH tried to instill a curfew Sunday night.... for what it was worth, and told them all to save the party for after they got home.... then the Dallas police were called to the hotel, DUE TO THE LARGE AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA SMOKE IN THE HALLWAY OF THE TEAMS FLOOR. They just stayed in and partied there after.... Matt H. didn't play hardly at all, Herring said he just was not himself... London C. didn't play.... Retribution for his dads board postings? Who knows, but it was an embarrassment to say the least. Makes me consider my tickets for next year...... but I will probably go ahead hoping that B.P. is cleaning house on the staff AND PLAYERS.
  20. livz2hunt

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    There is a reason Herring has been around a while and still no head coaching job. A lot of hot air! That team was one of the worst prepared teams I've seen play in a while. Were they there to win a cotton bowl or were they there to honor Frank Broyles? My thoughts are, If you are serious about winning the game, focus like a laser on the game and not by giving tribute to coach Broyles by wearing the red pants, just one more distraction.
    Another thought, what incentive did David Lee have to win the game? Make Arkansas look good on national t.v. and then recruit players to Ole Miss. against rival Arkansas. Who was calling the plays anyway. Fake punt get a first down, wait, time out, wipe out the first down, run the exact same fake punt, up the middle get stuffed. How embarrassing!
    Did anyone notice the shot of some of our players exiting the game? No disapointment in their faces only smiling and having a good time. I would bet Petrino will not tolerate a bunch of what has been going on up on the hill.
    I know boys will be boys, but if I'm going to school on a scholorship i better dang well not be out partying with a pending bowl game coming up.
    O.K. I said it and feel better now. Have a happy new year and Go Hogs Go!