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what do you carry in your vest or bag Just wantin to see what else other people carry.


primos jackpot with glass primos custom striker
knight&Hale olyeller slate rose wood striker
Box call

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been toting an old live hen around with me, but she is getting more and more pissed off about being shoved in that vest each year, plus got a few years on her and the boys don't find her yelps as sexy as they used to. may have to catch a young fresh hen this year to replace her

besides that i got a yellow yelper box call, a primos slate, my owl hooter, mrytle the decoy, couple of extra shells, chalk, rubber bands, some sandpaper, and couple of water bottles and a snack

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I carry a few mouth calls, Ol' Yeller and Aluminator friction calls, several different strikers, an old Quaker Boy box call, chalk, sandpaper, ammo, a couple of head nets and pairs of gloves, hen decoy (mainly kept in the vest and used as a back cusion), bug spray, thermacell, a couple of blue shop towels, ink pen and depending on where I'm hunting, maybe my GPS.

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Cody diaphram
several other diaphrams
Woodhaven slate
A primos slate
Penns wood slate
Lynch box call
crow call
owl hooter
Extra shells
Bottle of water

Thats when I got it on, a lot of times I just haul @ss without it and carry my Cody,facemask,gloves.

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Here's what's in my vest.

Cell Phone
Hunting License
Extra Shells (12 gauge, 3 1/2 inch, #6)
Topo Map of the area.
4 mouth calls
Two slates (Aluminium, and Natural Slate)
3 strikers (Rosewood, Maple, and Plastic)
Gobble Tube (H.S. Strut)
Wingbone Yelper
Feather Flex Decoy
Small Flashlight
Toilet Paper
Ink Pen
Piece of string for attaching tag. :thumb:

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one of my slate, glass, crystal, and alum. pots
hickory, purpleheart, bocote, white oak, cedar, bois d'arc.....strikers
owl hooter
gloves & 3/4face mask
scratch box
box call
tube call
trumpet call
red wasp mouth call
slick stick
rain chalk
Mt. Dew
kitchen sink:confused: :thumb:

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3 mouth calls
1 glass call
John Wayne Toilet Paper
face mask!
Extra shells!
I shot a nice gobbler a few years ago only had 2 shells in my gun- enough right:smack: Well this ole tom was working up the ridge to me and I shot him he piled up I jumped up and went down to him got about 30 yards and he popped up and took off down the ridge I shot and missed I chased his butt dropped 2 more shells(All I had trying to load the gun:smack: )Thank goodness he ran between 2 small pines and wedged himself I beat him with my 1100 gun barrel ! I remember standing on his head after running over 100 yrds wondering who was going to die 1st me or him:smack:

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Shells and headnets are things that I always try to carry plenty of.
I've missed two turkeys in my life... both on the same morning. Nothing like shooting seven times with nothing to show for it.
I try to keep plenty of shells just in case bad luck decides to strike again.

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Apparently Reggie's "4-in-1 Live Hen, Buckshot, Ziploc-baggy, feed corn/trotline Stealth Vest" idea isn't going to go anywhere.

10 pt, Selfbow and Buckshot have it hemmed up.
Dang fine effort though Reggie.

Cushion, Primos Freak (yes I know it's a little gimmicky but a dang fine call to my ears), Cody slate, couple of strikers, half dozen diaphragms, some TP, and water. If I wind up drinking out of the creek, I take a little Boudreaux's Butt Paste the next day (learned this one from redleg76). Maybe some Immodium. Usually a gun and way too many shells.
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