White River Refuge Coon Hunt

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by gundogs, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. gundogs

    gundogs Well-Known Member

    Ya'll stop by and introduce yourselves if you happen to be in that neck of the woods.
    We'll be around Columbus Lake in a camper with walker dogs tied all around it.:biggrin:
    Supposed to be great weather next week..!
  2. Leave me a few. I'll be there all week starting Monday.

  3. gundogs

    gundogs Well-Known Member

    We're planning to camp and hunt from Saturday until midweek, then motel it until the following weekend. Should be good with the flooding keeping the hunting pressure down the last couple years.
  4. msmillie

    msmillie Well-Known Member

    just returned from deer hunt and coons are everywhere on west side south unit
  5. mathews1012

    mathews1012 Well-Known Member

    Kill them all please.
  6. We'll be at snow lake this weekend
  7. Ryan Crow

    Ryan Crow Well-Known Member

    I will be down at the end of the week!
  8. gundogs

    gundogs Well-Known Member

    Twenty five the first two nights..!
  9. Ryan Crow

    Ryan Crow Well-Known Member

    save a few for me
  10. BigCountry11

    BigCountry11 Member<br>2010-11 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    Got any pics? Would love to see some good dogs and the coons they produced.
  11. BowHunter21

    BowHunter21 Select Member<br>2015-16 Deer Hunting Contest Winn

    X2 I'd sure like to see some pics!! :thumb:
  12. I did not take any the hunt was good 11 on Saturday I came home and they killed 8 on Sunday lots of trees had deans but the doges had a good hunt
  13. gundogs

    gundogs Well-Known Member

    We ended up coming home earlier than planned, but treed somewhere close to 50 in 4 nights. Ran into lots of nice folks and had a big time!