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  1. ArkArcher

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    Not sure if this has been posted, but here is the DRAFT COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATION PLAN
    AND ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT for the White River Refuge. There is a lot of mention of closing 25 percent of the ATV trails by 2014 and 50 percent by 2016.

    Another area in the filing that I found interesting...
    Evaluate all campsites and campgrounds for their popularity and level of use, their
    impacts on surrounding resources, and the maintenance demands they impose on
    refuge staff and resources. Results of this evaluation will inform decision as to which
    camping areas to close and which to maintain open and in good condition.
    · Eliminate non-designated camping on the North Unit.
    · Close 6 of the less utilized campgrounds by 2014 and an additional 3 campgrounds by
    2016. Designate 3 other campgrounds for seasonal (quota hunts) use only.
    · Promote the use of private campgrounds in the surrounding area and the development
    of additional private campground sites as demand justifies.

    Sure seem like they are wanting to limit a lot of PUBLIC access to our PUBLIC land. Read through and see what you think. Yeah, its a VERY long read but if you don't agree...it might be time for some emailing or calling. Just wanted to pass it along.

    http://www.fws.gov/southeast/planni...River Draft/WhiteRiverDraftCCPEAformatted.pdf
  2. beebelawn

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    I'm all about limiting access. People need to learn to walk, theyve ruined alot of hunting spots on Cache River by putting in good roads, I liked the roads where you could only walk down or ride a 4wd truck down.

  3. Double Beard

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    100% agree with this.
  4. beebelawn

    beebelawn Well-Known Member

    I would like to see some kind of permit system to be able to call a GW and get access to retrieve your deer with a ATV but that would be very limited.
  5. ArkArcher

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    Yeah the area I hunt is 1.08 miles from the nearest road/campground. But with the ATV trail, I can drive in and park within .5 mile. So not a ton of difference. And I know for sure the area I hunt would be even better if there wasn't an ATV trail as close as it is! So I can't make up my mind on the issue. I do not agree with the closing of campgrounds though. I mean the campgrouns are already there so why close them? Its not like they are having to pay for electricity or water to them and not like they do much maintenance to them.
  6. nansman

    nansman Well-Known Member

    I agree. It will definitely make hunting better and law enforcement easier.
  7. faithfularcher

    faithfularcher Well-Known Member

    i totally agree on cutting back 4 wheeler access .

    ISLEEPU Well-Known Member

    i'am all about limiting access too. I wish they would close 100% of the ATV trails. At least on the South unit. This would make getting away from people alot easier. I hunted the South unit a few weeks ago and at just about every 4 wheeler trail there were at least 3-4 truck and trailers. I've been hunting there for a few years now and we have had more people this year than I have ever seen. The way it is now, there's not much of the refuge thats unaccessable. Also, they gave out 3000 modern gun permits this year. When I heard that, all i could say was "WOW"!!! IMO they need to limit the gun hunting even more than it is. I also agree with closing some of the less used camping areas. IMO this would allow the remaining areas to be improved.
  9. Chad Doolin

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    Some hunters need to be more open minded. The refuge isn't there to cater just to the deer hunters. I and scores of others coon hunt at the refuge every winter and I have for 20+ years to tune up dogs, socialize, see other coon hunters from around the country. How do you tree coons in clear cuts? Who wants to crawl through jungles to get to a treed dog? I can hunt in crap like that by my house! All the coon hunters look forward to hunting the big open timber down there every year.
    I guess if they close the ATV trails there will be tremendous weight loss for the fat guys who hunt big hunting coon dogs like I hunt, that commonly tree a mile away everytime they're cut loose.

  10. Just give it up and go race boats in Bayou Meto like everyone else from hill towns in central arkansas........ congress gotta cut those trees to pay off a banker or welfare momma.
  11. Veo

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    I agree, I say leave it like it is, it's working good.

    Now I say that, but if they cut all ATV trails, I'd be fine, I hunt with ArkArcher and as he said, our hunting ground is easily in walking distance from the camp ground, but still, it's fun to take summer trips to the refuge just to ATV ride, or pull a boat in to back lacks, it's part of the fun.

    If you are somebody saying it will help you get away from people, well then there is PLENTY of places you can get away from people right now how it is.
  12. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure you mean that we go and Bird Watch considering ATVs can only be used for wildlife dependent activites over there. Riiiiight? :thumb:
  13. Veo

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    Oh yeah, always have the Nikon on me :wink:

    And it's an ATV ride to get to some of those lakes also, which is fun
  14. steve73

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    some people like to hunt the refuge that cant walk also there is more people that do alot more than just bow hunt! closing roads would close alot of good fishing
  15. Veo

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    Exactly. My dad had some major back issues and he struggles to walk 100 feet now, he'll have to go to a crossbow starting next year but as is he can drive his 4 wheeler with the rest of us put up a ground blind and hunt close to the trail, but I the trail is closed hell be out of luck.

    And 10-4 on the fishing.

    Just seems there is something for everybody right now so why try to fix something that isn't broke?
  16. SLAYER

    SLAYER Well-Known Member

    No access where I hunt boat and walk only
  17. CDay

    CDay Well-Known Member

    The nice thing about the ATV trails and ATV use it seems like it spreads out more hunters. If they close all that down then everyone will pretty much be hunting everything with in a mile of road heavily. Heck I do not use a ATV down there and have hunted the modern gun hunts for the last few years and rarely see another hunter. I feel if they do away with ATV access this will all change and it will be like every other public land hunting area where everywhere you go and look there is other hunters.

    Guys all this limited access thing on public land especially federally own land is happening everywhere around us. They are preparing for the upcoming inevident crisis that is coming to this country soon and the more access they can shutdown the more they can control when so many head for the wilderness when it all hits the fan.

  18. If you head to White River to hide out in a HTF situation make sure you carry plenty of thermocell refills............
  19. CDay

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    You go long enough with out showering they will leave you alone.:doh:
  20. TheBattman

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    How much of this is related to the massive forced spending cuts by the Federal Government?

    I don't think I'm alone in objecting to ANY restriction to public use of those lands without some darned good reasons (and not just political agenda or misplaced budget cuts).