white/red river areas ??

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by ace777, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. ace777

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    anyone know of some good campgrounds along either of these rivers?? i'm thinking about taking the camper up and fishing for a few days in a week or two. i'm looking for full service campgrounds with water and electric. thanks
  2. odocoi

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    those are some long rivers. What is your target fish on the trip?


    BEERHUNTER Well-Known Member

    jfk park on the little red river just north of greers ferry lake is real nice if you wanna trout fish.if you don't catch any just walk up the hill to the hatchery and you can look at all the trout you want and there's some whoppers.
  4. Sylamore

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    Jack's Resort t, Allison, AR. On the White river has everything you need. Nice place to eat, boat rental, camp spots with water, elect. bait shop and guides if you want one. Located about 5 miles N. of Mountain View, on State Highway 5. Excellent trout/small mouth bass fishing.

    Five miles further north on highway is the Sylamore public (free) shooting range for rifle, pistol shooting. About 12 mile W. of Allison on highway 14 to Blanchard Springs Caverns. About 100 miles of Mountain Bike trail, 1/2 mile n. of Jack's.

    Plenty to see and do. 870-585-2211 for more info/rates etc. :thumb:
  5. Mule man

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    +2 on JFK. A great place to camp. You might even catch a trout or two.
  6. troutman

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    Jack has water , electric and sewer hook ups. Jo Jo's Cafe is his daughter next door. the Anglers cafe up the road about a mile is good also, or you can drive a few miles to Fifty Six and get a good meal at Cody"s located east on hwy14. The last reports I've heard, the water was pretty low. I wish I were going with you.
  7. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    thanks guys. i'm mainly wanting to fly fish (trying to learn more about it). i've had fly rods my whole life fishing for bream and bass but just got into fly fishing for trout the last few years and really liking it. if anyone has any advise for fly fishing up there also i would appreciate it .:biggrin:
  8. TheBattman

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    I would suggest the Heber Srings area - I like the Swinging Bridge for a wade fishing spot (or Cow Shouls).

    Swinging Bridge has full hook-ups:


    And is right by the river, and not too far from cow shouls

    And JFK park, as already posted a couple of times is really nice - and often has pretty easy fish to catch (although often smaller and fresh from the hatchery). Might be a good place to start.