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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by woodsnwater, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. woodsnwater

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    When does the white bass start running? Is it late Winter or Spring?
  2. hunter_3780

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  3. Tink

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    I thought they swim :head: but I know up here they start there spawn March an April.
  4. CrappieMaster220

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    when do the shad start getting big enough for the bass to school really well?
  5. Levi

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    Last of March it depends allot on the weather though......:biggrin:
  6. browning_gold_12

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    i HEARD they are tearing them up at millwood. blue back rat-l-trap:up:
  7. jprtn

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    old rule I have been told is when the dogwoods bloom but usually mid march around here never fished em much on the lake but they were up in the rivers in mid to late march so i don't really know when they hit the flats on the lake
  8. I am with you jprtn, the Caddo River in late March early April, the next big rain after the 2nd week of April you can load the boat with the BIG Hybrids :up:
  9. newton29

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    The small male white bass run in March the first day I try to fish for them. The fat female whites typically quit running 3 days before I go back.
  10. Crappie hunter

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    If we were to ever get any rain that amounted to anything to create some flow on the Arkansas river, you can usually catch a few now. I used to catch them real well in Febuary though. Also used to wear em out on Maumelle in late March. If you really wait for the dogwoods its almost too late. I always heard that on crappie, but it seems I catch more before the dogwoods bloom now days.
  11. duck01

    duck01 Well-Known Member

    When the water temp is 48-49 degrees.
  12. skip1411

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    I love fishing for them. My friends dad turned us onto them when we were 16 yrs or so. We normally hunt for them early march late february, I was always told watch the dogwoods myself.