Which trolling motor to buy?

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  1. Willy-Bob

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    I have a 14 foot semi v that I'll be using at a small lake fishing for catfishing with road and reel setting trotlines and jugs. Would a 50lb thrust minnkota be
    overkill compared to 40lb. I have the money for either but sure would like to
    save money for a battery if the 40lb motor would due. Any suggestions
    or recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. Ducks

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    I would go with the 50 myself/ think about a buddy once and a while and a head wind... but for the money gosh, find a member with a older moter and clean that baby up ...
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    ARGROUNDSWATTER Well-Known Member

    I use an trolling motor all the time on a flat bottom boat. If you can afford the 50# thrust motor and a GOOD heavy duty battery that is the best route. The main thing is to buy the BEST battery that you can afford that will last the whole fishing trip. Maybe other folks on here have had good luck with the batteries from walmart but for me they just don't cut it. The best battery that I have ever had was an AC Delco deep cycle. I have used that battery for years (over 5 years of hard use) but this year I will have to buy a new one because this one is just used up. Lots of walmart batteries won't last much over a year of hard use (the ones that I have been around). Buy the biggest and best you can afford.
    The advantage of using an electric motor is it is always good to go. No time spent yanking a rope to start the motor and with the price of gas no gas to purchase on each fishing trip.
  4. 10pointman

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    I'd go with the 50lb.
  5. Buba Garrett

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    The key to any battery is to keep it charged, allot of good batteries will be useless come spring because folks dont put a full charge on em when they store em for the winter! Always charge em up after you use them and you will be surprised how long they will last!:thumb:
  6. adchunts

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    Rule #1 for trolling motors..............you can never have too much.......

    I have been in a lot of situations when I wished I had more motor, but never in one where I wished I had less...............:smack: