Which Mattress?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Allstar, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Allstar

    Allstar Well-Known Member

    Well it's come time for a new mattress for the the bed. I have a few more aches and pains as I get younger :cool: and my wife has some lower back pains as well. Been looking at the memory foam and the air chamber ones. There is just too much info out there. This is worse than buying a car. Who has what and your opinions. This would be helpful if you'll share. Thanks...
  2. JB Weld

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    We bought a "no flip" mattress that has memory foam pillow top about 6 years ago. Now there are two sunk in spaces where we sleep. I paid $1100 for that sucker! If I could go back in time, I would NOT buy a "no flip / pillow top". I have heard good things about the Select Comfort mattresses, but they are very expensive as well. It is a tough decision.

    Just make sure your wife is equally involved in the selection of the mattress. That a way you will not have to listen to "I told you so....." :biggrin:

  3. Me too.....I want much firmer now. Just don't which way to go...

    HARLEIGHDOG Well-Known Member

    Used to feel like I had been run over by a truck every morning when I woke up. We got a memory foam, and I feel so much better!!
  5. No-till Boss

    No-till Boss Well-Known Member

    Do what ?

    We are looking at the Tempur-Pedic mattresses ourselves...... just hadn't made our mind up.
  6. Twenty2feet

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    Any matress that starts with "s" is a good matress. We bought a $3,100 no flip Sterns and Foster from the matress king about 6 years ago. It has two low spots in it. I wouldn't do it again. It is very comfortable but I hate the low spots.
  7. tjgivens85

    tjgivens85 Well-Known Member

    Just dropped 1500 today and bought the new paula dean memory foam mattress a Johnson warehouse furniture in pine bluff and me and the wife couldn't be happier its made by serta
  8. GotPork

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    Same thing for me and the wife. However, she is the one with back aches every morning...... (I can sleep on rocks) Sooooooo.....she just made a purchase of a Sleep Number bed and I really like that sucker! She adjusts her side the way she likes it and although it cost an arm and a leg......her back aches are OVER....so its worth it!!
  9. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    We have a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. Its worth every penny!

    MO HUNTER Well-Known Member

    Same here. Had a pillow top mattress, it ended up causing me severe pain it hammocked on me. The select comfort is the way to go. Had it for 4 yrs or so, and i havent had much trouble at all with my back. Air beds are the way to go.
  11. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    Buy the best matress you can afford. A good bed to sleep on makes a big difference in the way you rest and feel, particularly as you age. I currently have one of the no flip pillow tops that has low spots with a 15 year warranty that is 5 years old. We need something better so I guess I am going to see if the warranty is any good. The bed was great for about 4 years.