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I would like feedback from personal use as well as a scientific standpoint regarding the pros and cons of using a red, green, or white light when hunting, hiking, and other activities. Compare and contrast please.

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Over all one of the best flashlights i've ever had is the Black and Decker led spotlight from Wal-Mart. It has awesome battery life and you can't beat it for overall performance. One of the guys at work got one as a gift and we tried it out. Its super bright and it burns for hours and hours. And everybody loved it. I keep them in the home, truck, etc. The Wife loves hers as well.

As for hunting? Your gonna hear a lot of opinions. But in my personal experience the green led lights defuse very quickly and they don't spook wildlife.

And I keep a couple Dewalt rechargeable flashlights that use the same battery as my portable drill and other goodies. I use them a lot for around the house projects and at work.

But I keep those little white led flashlights they give away at Harbor Freight tucked away all over the place. Heck their free!!!! And they are very small. They aren't made well but I keep one or two in my truck and my hunting backpack. They are good little back ups.

I guess the light you need is really dependant on your specifics.

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