which 1911 compact to buy?

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    I have a little cash saved up and I am wanting a 1911 compact to carry. Right now cash is the limiting factor. I can't spent $1000 + on a pistol. I am however a firm believer in the old saying "you get what you pay for". So that being said, what would be the best gun for the value. I could probably go $750 + on one, but that isn't saying that I want to go that much if a better value is to be had. Thanks
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    I've had the Springfield Micro compact in .45 and the Springfield XDS. The XDS is lighter and makes a good carry gun. It is a good shooter and the recoil isn't bad. You can pick up an XDS for around $550. The Micro Compact goes for around $1100. I have always been a 1911 guy and swore I would never own a plastic gun. After shooting the XDS I am a convert.

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    I've got a glock 36. Like the XDs its a single stack .45. I shot it for the first time yesterday and was surprised by how manageable the recoil was. You may not believe this but it felt less than my full size kimber.
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    I like my Colt Defender.
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    Rock island armory. They put out solid 1911's at a decent price. You can get a nice officer/commander model in the 5-750 range.