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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by motg, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. motg

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    home hunting.jpg
    ok guys i need your advice. this is the area i hunt near my home. where would be my best place to harvest a deer?
  2. Razorback123

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  3. Arkansas Archer

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    Is it the whole area in general?
  4. WILDMAN44

    WILDMAN44 Well-Known Member

    I assume that a Gas/Powerline. That would probably be the best place to see one crossing it. Cant shoot what you cant see.
  5. d.bobo

    d.bobo Well-Known Member

    Where I could see for a ways and there was some deer sign .
  6. J. Garrett

    J. Garrett Well-Known Member

    Between their bedding and feeding areas.
  7. motg

    motg Well-Known Member

    What does a bedding area look like? Earlier this season acorn was everywhere so I'm assuming they feed all over. I figured the water hole would be a good start?
  8. tmeredith

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    A bedding area can look like anything. They'll plop down anywhere they feel safe really. Depending on hunting pressure it might be the densest cover on the place or it may be on an open oak ridge where they can sit and watch for anything trying to sneak up on 'em. Right now what I'd do is try to find travel routes. You can do this by looking for rublines. If you find a rubline, that will tell you the deer travel there at some point during the 24 hour day. You can then figure out the easiest way into that spot without spooking the deer. Look along ridges and draws. deer are like water they'll take the path of least resistance. This should give you a starting point, once you set up and start seeing some deer you may have to move a little to get a shot.
  9. If u can shoot purty good id put a boxstand and a pile of corn on that rite-a-way....
  10. That is what I'd do..... in arkansas a right of way stand is equal to a funnel stand in the midwest...... the place to be.
  11. geslayton

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    I LOVE powerlines/gas lines!!! I like to be able to see, you can cover such a huge area in a spot they are already comfortable walking out into the open.
  12. motg

    motg Well-Known Member

    I put rice bran out today. I'm here now hunting the gasline. Hopefully I will see something
  13. deer14

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    Swag that crosses the pipeline/ spooky deer use them to stay outta sight.
  14. motg

    motg Well-Known Member

  15. Yea a swag. A place thats lower than the surrounding ground, bucks tend to cross open ground in swags. On 1 of my stands, bucks almost always cross in a little swag. The does cross bout 50 yds further down on top of the hill.
  16. motg

    motg Well-Known Member

    Oh ok. That's where I was yesterday. There is also a lil creek run thru the swag. Didn't see anything but was only there for an hour. I think is going to be my bow hunting location. I won't have much time to hunt before the mg season is over