where to buy boat carpet or vinyl

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  1. Wes Ramsey

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    I think I'm gonna put a floor in my jon boat, but I'm not sure what to use to cover it. I don't really want carpet because it adds too much weight, but the non-skid vinyl at Overton's is expensive. Is there any place local to buy it? What other non-skid options can I use to cover the floor? I thought about the roll-on bedliner, but I'm doing the floor in 1x4s and I want to cover the gaps.
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    Maybe a thin rubber mat like truck floor mats. It'd be non skid and easy to wash out with a water hose, but it could have some weight to it. Marine carpet isn't real heavy and it can be purchased at lowes or bass pro.

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    Would it not be easier to buy a sheet of aluminum and pop rivit in the floor and paint it? You wouldn't have to replace it like you would the 1x4's and carpet and there wouldn't be any gaps for trash to get in. You might just save money in the long run....:shrug:
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    That's why I want solid vinyl or carpet - so there won't be any gaps between the boards :up:

    I thought about flooring with aluminum, but that's just too much money to lay out at one time. I'd have to add some aluminum supports between the ribs to keep the rivets from pulling out, so there's that expense as well. Figure $150-175 just for the aluminum, another $30 for the rivets, another $50 for supports and another $80 for some roll-on bedliner (that doesn't have a good reputation of sticking to aluminum anyway) and you're talking a lot of money. Going with treated 1x4s and decking screws I can floor the boat for less than $50. No it won't last forever, but if I have to replace it every 6-8 years I'll still be ahead over the life of the boat.

    I guess I could lay some decent quality vinyl over the boards and paint it with non-skid paint. Hadn't thought about that. Any other ideas?
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    overtons or cabelas, 9 bucks a roll. marine carpet
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    I like the looks of that! I wonder if they have gridding with little teeth to keep ya from slipping around? :head:
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    I found this info on another forum and the guy said that it weighs practically nothing, not slippery, and an ease to care for.
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    That's $10/rolling foot for the 8.5' wide stuff. Mine has a 36" bottom, so I'd need 3' of it just to floor the panels and another 4' to cover the seats. That's $70 before shipping :eek:

    I'd really like to use the honest to goodness marine carpet, but I'd really like to see some in person before I buy. I went by Home Depot at lunch and they had some nice looking gray outdoor carpet. I forget how much it was per foot, but it worked out to about $38 for enough to do my whole boat. What's the difference between the 2?
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    That would be a good floor for a duck/utility boat, but it would probably get on my nerves every time I dropped a hook in the mesh :doh: Out of curiosity, I emailed them for a quote and it would be close to $400, including the $195 shipping fee :eek: