Where They Stand On The Issues

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by John W. Hagen, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. John W. Hagen

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    I was haven breakfst at the Sunrise in Natural Dam this am and was reading Saturdays 1/19 ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT page 10A has a condenced listing of DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN issue stances. This has led into some heated talk over issues and ther revolence to Arkansas. Check it out it may open some eyes.
  2. Mule man

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    Hey John, can you scan it in or do you have the link? I HOPE it would open alota eyes on here.:razz:

  3. John W. Hagen

    John W. Hagen Well-Known Member

  4. Lonnie

    Lonnie Well-Known Member

    Does anyone on here actually believe what is printed about the candidates stances on the issues? It's a campaign right now and they are going to tell you anything that you want to hear just to get elected.

    Too bad there isn't anything to choose from this yr in either of the parties.