Where is Clawdad aka Clawmute?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by bett_lou, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. bett_lou

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    He hasn't been on board for a while. Anybody heard from him?
  2. flintknapper

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    With any luck, he's writing the next chapter to the story he's posting here. That, or he and John Stiles are off hiding from us! ? ! :confused:

  3. ArkArcher

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    Not sure but his last activity was 01-18-2008 @ 12:55 PM
  4. Been deathly sick for last two weeks. Last week had upper resperatory infection - went into lungs - touch of pneumonia, last week end wife and I both came down with violent thowing up and diarhea that my daughter had contracted.

    Today is first day back at work. Still have fits of coughing and very nauseated. Still shaky but thanks for your prayers. By his grace we'll come through. I was getting very concerned about my wife who had non stop trhowing up and diarhea for three straight days. We're coming back now thanks be to God.

  5. theridgehunter

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    Glad your feeling better bro. :up:
  6. Down on the White

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    Man sorry to hear that but glad you are on the mend.
  7. Mule man

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    Too bad. I can sit on a toilet for a week but when I start sticking my head down there well....I don't like that one bit. Good Luck
  8. Arkie_3_fan

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    Dang Claw, glad you and your family are feeling better. Hate to hear of anyone being sick. I just thought I had it bad with my cold a few weeks ago.
  9. flintknapper

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    Glad you're back! There's been an awful bug going around, and it sounds like y'all have met.... Here's a prayer going up for your continued improvement.
  10. bett_lou

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    You poor baby. I am so glad you are feeling better but don't overdo it.
  11. John Stiles

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    x-2:wink: Sounds sorta like the P-new-monie!