When to put fertilizer out?

Discussion in 'Habitat Management' started by b8hickman, Feb 11, 2018.

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    I have decided to plant either eagle seed soybeans or iron claypeas for a summer food plot. I did my soil sample and my results were a pH of 5.9 and add 0-0-60 60ls per acre. I already put a little lime out. My question is when do I put the fertilizer out? Does it matter if I do it now or do I need to wait til I plant? Thanks for the help.
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    At planting, no more than you’re putting out, potash will move with heavy rainfall.
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    That will all depend on how much rain we get and how much vegetative cover forms on your ground before you plant. Just guessing - but you probably wont plant until the end of April - my farmer neighbor tells me do not plant beans before 21 Apr here in SW AR. That gives two months for the fertilizer to deplete. I would not fertilize this early - lime - no problem. I would not fertilize more than a month before planting.
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    Normally, we put p and k out in fall for corn and beans. As long as there is not going to be a flood or prolong times water covering the ground. In your case, id wait until beans are v3-5(3-5lf beans).
    What’s your p k cec levels? I’m assuming from the U of a?