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When do ya'll hunt or stop hunting sort-a-speak

  • Gun seaon only

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • Through the end of November

    Votes: 7 8.4%
  • To the the end of December

    Votes: 24 28.9%
  • The entire season, through out Feb.

    Votes: 50 60.2%

When Do yall hunt?

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What time O fthe year do you all do your hunting, Got thinking about this after reading the thread on the 24 striaght days of gun season.
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I generally deer hunt through the end of December or early January. By then most
of my gas money has been spent and I start working toward the next season
or doing all of the honey dues that have piled up since September when squirrel season opens. I also have beagles so I try to start rabbit hunting January and February.
Deer hunt through December then start chasing them tree rats, then turkeys, then doves....
Deer hunt the entire season and do a little predator hunting too.. I usually turkey hunt a few days when its in too.
Year round. I love camera season about as much as bow season or gun season.
Well I can actually give ya a specific time frame. I start when they let and I'll quit when I'm done or the seasons end, which ever comes first.
Just long enough to let those greenhead's start comming south.
Just long enough to let those greenhead's start comming south.
Exactly, I normally sit in my stand until I start to hear those flocks of honkers migrating south. That means ducks are right around the corner.
I deer hunt untill I get a good buck or the duck hunting fever get to much to bear!!!!
I only deer hunt until the duck season comes in.

I like to deer hunt... but i LOVE to duck hunt!!!

Threre are a lot of times I SHOULD have been on a deer stand, but I still go to wet muddy places to try to scratch out a duck or two!
Well, I'm a trapper also, so I start with my bow in Ocotber, and my muzzleloader, and I take the wife and son gun hunting in the opener of gun season in November and we normally have from 4 to 5 deer in the freezer by then. The trophy is in the back straps for us. I usually kill a couple of decent deer and then I drag and skin for them. I process all of our deer, so I'm busy till trapping season and then I'm running hard with trapping. I run across several deer, cause everybody down here seems to like magnums and watch right of ways and open fields. If I had time from trapping I'd shoot one with my pistol in the brush, but I don't too many beaver and other critters to skin and no freezer room. We have 3 freezers for meat, plus one for my fur.
Deer,ducks, Turkey,coyote,squirrels,pretty much all of it!
Until mid-January or until I kill me a good one, whichever comes first.
As soon as I can get there until they make me leave:thumb:
Sept till feb then I just waiting for spring turkey to open..:biggrin:

.. I'll start squirrel hunting next weekend, then Oct 1st I move into if its "Brown its Down" season till Feb.. :biggrin:
I'll start with Doves when I have a place to hunt. After that I chase squirrels if the weather cooperates. From there it's on to deer with the stick and string, smoke pole and rifle. I usually get tired of that by late November and then it's time to chase squirrels with the dogs till the end of February.
i pretty much hunt everything as allowed except for birds (not including longbeards) and bears.
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