When do they fire this guy?

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  1. All bsing aside, now isn't the time to get in a contest with Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Texas AM , Missouri and Auburn.

    I'm ready for a change just as much as the next hawg fan, however, a rush to replace BB at this point in time, may lead to another dismal 4-6 years. I know folk's are chomping at the bit to get Belemia gone, but, what may seem like a good decision at the time, can lead to a bigger hole that we can't climb out of.
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  2. Meh. I’d endure the rebuilding “process” under a new coach and I️ think most fans would. I️ think we have another dismal season after season with this guy too. I️ say hire someone new and let them make a run at making something happen. It’s been a boring and frankly sucky 5 years.
    Maybe you are saying keep him another year possibly because of all the coaching vacancies? If so then I️ can understand that position. I just don’t agree with keeping him so we don’t have to endure another coaches rebuilding process.

  3. claytonsdad

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    I tend to agree with you. Entering the coaching frenzy that is about to come doesn't put Arkansas in a very enviable position. Dumpster fire for a program combined with a job that many don't see as that desirable even in good times, isn't a very good formula for success here. I've pretty much quit watching them anyway, so what's another year. Maybe next year would have fewer openings at major programs and allow for a better hire.

    Man it pains me to say that.
  4. dogdoc

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    Fire B.B. and hire an up and comer. Try to get lucky with an up and comer / solid assistant that wants a shot at a bigger stage. By going this route you might find find a winner.

    B.B. sucks so bad though I️ don’t think keeping him any longer benefits the program at all.

    I mean seriously think about from a recruiting perspective. You’d have to be living under a rock to not see that B.B. will be canned in reasonably short order. This fall are we gonna tell recruits, “hey our coach sucks but we’re keeping him another year because too many better teams needed a coach too”. Yeah that’ll sell.

    Not a good position to be in but cut your losses and move on. Anywhere.
  5. Buckrub

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    We need an Eddie Sutton. But not a Stan Heath.

    Best of luck to us.
  6. dogdoc

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    Those are basketball coaches. They would not likely help us on on the football field.
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  7. Buckrub

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    That was what is called an analogy.
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    Right now the Arkansas Football program is not a dumpster fire as so many have stated. This is a 4 alarm high rise fully involved burner, with people jumping out of the windows. What can be salvaged after the fire? Who knows. It all starts with the coaches, then players. Hiring a coach and moving forward. At early estimates, it's going to take another 3-5 years before being competitive again. But that all depends on the head coach hire. Everything hinges on that. Make a bad decision and your looking at another 7-8 years.
  9. No-till Boss

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    Hmmmmm, so we’re assuming the ‘snort’ was for we want a drunk ? And we want someone willing to leave Arkansas on their knees for Kentucky ?

    Your analogy is flawed ........
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    Idk I'm going to have to disagree with you. I think Eddie would be a solid improvement over BB simply by understanding how to coach and motivate players.
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    Have I dookied in your cereal or something?

    Let me try again.....in clear English.

    We need an up and coming new young coach instead of a proven coach who may not pan out. And we need one that is as successful at football as Eddie was in basketball. We do not need to fail with a similar attempt the way we did with Stan Heath.

    Is that better?
  12. y hunt

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    What makes you think the Auburn job will be open. Heck they may make the playoffs.
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  13. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Fire him quickly, & start the new coach search immediately. We don't need to get behind with the new coach search & recruiting. We're evidently behind on everything else. Not sure we can get into a "bigger hole" than the one we've been in for the last few years. We're already in last place in the SEC west. Only 11 SEC wins in the last 5 years. Not much of a gamble to try & improve on that.
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    the end is near ... either this season or next, so suffer maximum 1 more year

    well, then 2-3 years for the next coach to bring this program back up ....

    2021 we'll have a good team maybe
  15. dogdoc

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    He's anticipating Auburn being open because Gus will be begging for the UA job once BB is fired.
  16. Triple Threat

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    I looked for the "divided by" symbol but couldn't find it. I thought that might've been what you meant.
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  17. Triple Threat

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    What comes after last?
  18. y hunt

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    Heck I say if Arkansas feels they have to make a coaching change and want to take a big risk. Just go out and hire PA's high school coach. Now that would be high risk with a chance of high reward. Some college is going to do it at some point.
  19. Choppin

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    Is there going to be a bunch of new coaches next year? Pretty much the same coaches out there to hire as it will be next year.
  20. No-till Boss

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    If he beats Alabama, and smokes Georgia again in the championship, he probably ain’t coming back to Arkansas.