When do bucks start shedding in Ark?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by eaglet3, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Just a thought, when do the bucks start dropping their horns in Ark?

    Reason I'm asking, as a bow hunter we hunt late season. Last year I took a buck, well, i should say, i found out it was a buck after i shot him, that had already shed his horns, needless to say I wanna be more careful next time. I'd rather kill slickheads late season and not a buck without his horns. sooo, question still stands...When?
  2. btech29

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    I have several on camera that already have.

  3. austincrutchfield

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    Some bucks have already and i have seen some in april still with there horns. It all depends on the buck, but most shed in late january and early february
  4. KemperCamper

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    From now through Feb.

    Some may start shedding in late December thru late Feb. or even as late as March.
  5. jjarvis0007

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    Had two big deer walk within 100 yards from me at Winona today. Both ended up being bucks that just shed.
  6. jwalker

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    Gonna go shed/squirrel hunting in the bottoms tomorrow then
  7. jhw

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    Saw two that had shed one side, in the first week of december.
  8. Bottomlander

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    Seen them as late as April

    depends on nature.
  9. i have seen them in march still with horns, but i know a guy that killed an 8pt monday and when he hit the ground 1 side fell off.
  10. D

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    Depends on the stress level of the buck. A highly stressed buck may loose them in early December. I saw one on December 18th that had dropped his. He had a wound on his shoulder that was healing up. Another guy I hunt with saw one December 5th that had dropped. No injuries seen.
  11. REM870

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    seen em drop in february and seen em drop in april.
  12. ruger08

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    found two sheds on january 2 this year that had just been dropped, still had fresh blood on em.
  13. emerson

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    I have too, a freind kill a good size buck [looking at his bases] on the Christmas hunt.