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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by scarhead26, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. scarhead26

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    Reading through Doug Hodge's thread about looking for his buck got me to wondering how many people would give the shooter of the buck his antlers if you found the buck shot and dead? I guess i would wanna hear a description too. Of the rack and shot placement and time of shot!

    I know of a guy that killed a nice buck early this year and wounded a huge 160" buck here recently but did not find the buck. Problem here is that where he hunts, you are allowed one buck. Rumor has it the buck was found and a euro mount has been done on the skull. Should the finder give the shooter the antlers? I sure as hell wouldn't. If he shot that deer, it was illegal and he had no business ruining a good buck while his buddy sitting next to him had an open tag. Pretty selfish I think and serves him right. Jmo though.
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    the situation you describe is quite different.
    But if i found in a legal situation like Dougs I would.

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    If someone could legitimately claim it, with explanation and detail. I would definitely give it to him.
    Bad karma to keep someone else's trophy.

    RAZORBACKER3 Well-Known Member

    I guess I look at things different. It's not "someone else's " trophy if they fail to recover it. No different than finding sheds or a dead deer due to poaching or any other means. The person would have to have a story I could verify as legitimately, as the previous poster stated
  6. I offered a reward for the rack. I wouldnt feel right, otherwise. What if the guy found it and it had been chewed on. He could of thought it just died from natural causes or was hit by a car or whatever and what if he gave the horns to his boy who loved them? I went around asking but I offered to pay if someone found it.
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    Doug, in your situation I would give you the antlers for no reward. I would do it for anyone who legitimately killed the animal and couldn't recover it. Unless as in the case I stated where the deer was shot illegally. I just wondered people's opinion on the matter.
  8. d.bobo

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    I wouldn't want the horns if I didn't kill it .
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    rattlin antlers?
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    Find one as a conversation piece......yea, bragging rights no. put yourself in their position.
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    If it was me I would, put I would want to know all the details of the buck first just to make sure.