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What's your favorite Bobby garland colors?

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I'm new to crappie fishing, what's your go to Bobby garland colors that you have success with?
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more votes for Monkey milk and electric chicken. One other thing I do is to dye the tail with chartreuse dye. Took my dad with me once, and he skoffed at me doing that, said it wouldn't help. After he watched me catch 5 crappie real quick to his zero, he said, "let me see that dye for a second". He was convinced after that.
Any particular scent on it? Or just the plain unscented?
What if you don’t use Bobby Garland lures?
I’ve always been partial to Southern Pro Tackle.
Ive always liked southern pro tackle, but it's just not as convenient to purchase. I think the nearest place for me is bates in Mayflower.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts