What's the fastest mud motor out there?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by pluckyduk, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. pluckyduk

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    Ok, I'm really not trying to open a can of worms here but I've seen a lot of mud motors in my time and there is one that blows them all out of the water, just not sure which one it is but got blown past by one yesterday morning. I've got a 27hp Go Devil Surface drive on an 1848 boat and can probably run close to 20 mph (I think) with 2 men + gear. This boat had 3 men plus gear and was running close to 30mph like a scalded ape. It also had a console he was driving from. I think it may have been a mud buddy. Anybody know or have one? And I don't want to hear anything about your zuki, mega or whatever you run in the BMBRA.

  2. jublain

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  3. Grice

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    I have a 35GTR and it will run 32mph with just me and with a load it runs around 25mph.
  4. SwampCat

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    I have seen a mudboat on Millwood a couple of times this year with twin Prodrives - did it have twins?
  5. Texan1554

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    Fastest one I've been on was a 36 Prodrive with a couple mods on a 17x50 hull. Two guys, dog and gear, we were doing 31.
  6. Inspectorduck

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    Consider yourself lucky with that load to get that mph.
  7. pluckyduk

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    It was dark and couldnt tell but it was on Millwood. Sounds like an airplane when its running.
  8. SwampCat

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    That twin engine Pro Drive is fast, but it is relatively quiet. I have seen more mud boats on Millwood this year than ever. And this year, don't even hardly need one with the high water.

    SUPERMAG Well-Known Member

    don't know about the fastest, but most certainly the coolest is the Predator that Beavertail used to make....

    google it if you don't know what it is..............
  10. crackshot82

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    How do you like it? What boat. I would love the chance to drive one. I've been looking at mm's for awhile and think a gtr is what I want.
  11. crackshot82

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    Seen that rig a the ramp one morn. Looked bad !!!!
  12. SwampCat

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    Yep - it is bad - came within about 30 ft of driving through my decoy spread three weeks ago.:censored:
  13. riverbum410

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    backwater inc has a longtail that will push a 1644 30mph light load 1 man