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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by SARAH, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Why do people feel like just because they happen to favor one form of hunting over the other they talk about how what they dont like should be ban and how people who enjoy it are inferior sportsman. Seem like there has been a shift on the board and not for the better now don't get me wrong I think for the most part and most the ppl on here are awesome but there are a few I have noticed several times putting down a differnet forms of hunting and just in general stirring the pot trying to incite arguments.I think it is STUPID to talk about banning any form of hunting! if people are doint it legally and ethically you need to keep your mouth shut and thank the Lord they are out there excercising their right to hunt!! Oh and BTW I hunt bow, modern gun and muzzeloader and love all three...rip me all you want had to get that off my chest. I feel better now:)
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    I'm with you. It shouldn't matter which legal method or equipment someone else is using. Who cares? Let everyone get out there and enjoy this great sport. :thumb:
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    Shoot id even throw rocks if there was a season:thumb:
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    I really like you! Tell it like it is!
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    Good post i completly agree with what you had to say

    You mean i hunted with rocks in september for no reason:mad: My buddies are gonna get it now
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    Damascus Doug

    Doug be careful enocouraging someone to hunt with rocks is against the law - remember rules are rules.

    I dont get the whole forum thing when it comes to ethics and soap box preaching - I come on these forums to talk or read about hunting. I amazes me how many folks jump on the ethical soap box or start ranting about thier views from broad heads to spinning wing decoys or bashing someone for losing a deer. I might be wrong but I think most folks could do without the rest.
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    +1!!!!!!! :thumb:

    I could care less what someone else thinks about the way I choose to hunt. I come on here to read hunting stories and look at pics from other successful hunters.
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    Because most people hate people not like them to be free.
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    Did I miss something? I don’t see where Doug encouraged hunting with rocks. He gave a thumbs up to another users comment of a thumbs up to Sarah's opinion. Also I am pretty sure the hunting with rocks was just to comment to drive home a point not a actually method anyone is planning on using.
  11. I only bow hunt. I do NOT like guns. BUT I think that a hunter is a hunter. I agree with all methods of taking deer. If its legal then by all means have fun and do what you enjoy doing. I hunt a lot with gun hunters. What you carry with you to kill is deer does not make you any different from the rest of the hunters. I agree with everything that this thread said. :biggrin: :thumb:
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    people are bored and dont have much of a life....and they love to stir it up every chance they get. thats why i dont get in on the arguements much. it gives em just wehat they want.:banghead:
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    It don't matter to me how someone else else hunts,the important thing is that we keep the right to hunt and we go out there and enjoy ourselves and let other people do the same.

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    Am thinking these new posts are people who like to stir the pot and don't have a life, as someone else has mentioned!! They aren't old enough to know yet just how good we have it compared to when us 'OF's' were kids............:whistle:
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    And quite a few of them are on the "Endangered Species" list around here too. :whistle:

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