whats the best .270 bullets?

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  1. I shoot Remington core lokts 130 grain .270 bullets and im not pleased. All i hunt is white tail what kind do you think is the best?
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    What type of gun you using?

    I have a Rem. 270wsm 7400 and shoot 150gr Remington Core-Lok. I have yet seen a deer run from them. Now have a buddy that has a .270 Winchester and he tried core-loks with poor results. My 30/30 salvage doesn't like them.

  3. Sylamore

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    Remington Core-Lokts 130 gr. are what I use in my 270 Rem Mdl. 7400 and I reload. What is it you don't like about those shells?
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  4. Im shooting a mossburg .270 i bought a new box and it has duds in it.
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    Contact Remington in Lonoke and discuss it with them. They will probably replace any ammo you are having trouble with. :thumb:
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    I've used this bullet in reloads as well and have had great success. Not the best bullet out there, but you're not paying for the best either. Regardless, 'duds' are unacceptable. I would believe it's the rifle having issues before the ammo, but both can have issues. I'd try to fix a potential gun issues before switching ammo.
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    Most folks like the 130s best as an all around .270 Win bullet, but 150s seem to group better in my gun.

    I have only had my .270 less than a year, but before I worked up my handloads this summer those Remington Core-lokt 130s killed two does with one shot last winter. They lined up and the bullet passed through them both, dropping them DRT.

    I can't imagine that bullet not working well on Arkansas sized bucks.

    My current .270 hunting load is 57 grs of H4831c pushing a Speer Deep Curl 150 gr pointed bullet. This is a long, heavy for caliber type bullet that usually proves to be more accurate for me.
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    Hornady 130 Gr SP InterLock
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    Winchester Power-Points....130 or 150 gr. Been shooting them for years and been happy with both.
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    I've shot Remington Core Lokts in my '06 and my 30/30 for ages, and I've never had any complaints with them.
    I bought a .270 Winchester Featherweight off a member this summer. He included some 140gr Winchester Accubonds, which he told me grouped the best for him. I tried 130gr Core lokts and Federals at the range, and it did like the Accubonds the best, but the other 2 werent terrible. Those Accubonds arent cheap, so I'm not sure if I'll stick with them or not.
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    I shoot a Moss-berg 270 as well and had the same problem with Remington ammo. I did two things and one or both corrected it.
    #1 - switched to Winchester 130 grain ammo.
    #2 - Broke down the bolt and give it a good cleaning and re-oil it lightly with a good gun oil.

    After doing these items I have not had another misfire "dud" in three years and I am much happier with the performance of the weapon.
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    i agree w/wes more likely gun than ammo imo. way too many choices to recomment ammo for a given gun alllllll guns are indivuals gotta see what yours likes
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    i shoot a browning a bolt 270. and have tried several bullets the most fatal and trusting ones ive shot would be the 150g Sellier and Bellot bullets. I guess they may be a unusual shell but i sure do like em.
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    Hornady / good knock down power/ real happy with em/ liked the 140 & 130 grain/ hard find 140 now.:jiggy2:
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    I use core lokt 150 grain in my Remington 700 .270. I don't deer hunt just a whole lot but that bullets has hammered em every time I pulled the trigger. I have no complaints
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    130 gr Winchester PowerPoint through the shoulder kills like the Hammer of Thor. I've got a lot of deer rifles, but if someone challenged me to drop a deer in its tracks at 300 yards I'd pick my Ruger 270 with 130 gr powerpoints every time. Accurate as well.
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    Hornady 130 Superformance GMX
    Barnes 130 TSSX
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    130gr Winchester PowerPoints. 2 shots this season=2 dead deer.