What you think about ths tree

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jim b, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. jim b

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  2. chuey

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    That's crazy, you never know what your gonna see in the woods!!

  3. AR Thumper

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  4. Wow! It qualifys in my book as art. So many different way to describe what that can look like.
  5. duck

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    That beats all Im ever seen. I wonder what would happen if you cut one off. Would the other one still grow?
  6. frogleg

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    All I know is that I would hate to have to fall it. LOL
  7. BDW

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    Very cool!! Looks to me like the one on the right broke over at some point and fell into the one on the left causing the two to grow together....That's my best guess, anyway. Cool find!!
  8. shiftymcfive01

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  9. CBD

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    That is neat!
  10. 10pointman

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    I posted some wierd tree pics,but yours are better.:thumbup:

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  11. thomasw_lrd

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    Things like that are what make me keep going into the woods when I don't see anything else
  12. Delbert

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    That tree is probably up to 300 years old, before anyone says it is not large enough, here is why.

    Native Americans bent and tied trees like that to mark trails, so did some pioneers, the tree was damaged and the growth slowed, still puts on growth rings but just does not grow like a normal tree. In most cases there trail trees who toward a water supply, mouth of a river or creek or shelter and sometimes burial grounds.
  13. bird dog

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    Very Interesting info.
  14. JB Weld

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    That is really cool. Thanks for sharing!
  15. bmccullough1

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    I heard outlaws bent trees like that where they buried their loot. They would hire a guy to dig the hole, shoot him & toss him in the hole and bury the weapon with the body. Always wondered if that was true.
  16. n2deer

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    What your saying is true but I'll bet the farm that tree isn't 300yrs old. Thanks for the pics that is just cool.
  17. John Stiles

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    I used to sit on a wooden plank[oak] that had grown into two redoak trees out in front of a church I attended. I never passed up a chance to sit on it with my girl.
  18. GWHunter

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    A human trapped in a tree's body.
  19. A very rare "hiney pine" lol