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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by SARAH, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. SARAH

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    So I have been noitcing an increase in the number of deer I am seeing around my house as opposed to years past. I see them on both sides of us in open fields and even saw a big doe road kill less than 1/2 a mile. It stands to reason at some point they must be crossing the back of my property, I say this because we are located right off the highway and woods to travel in are scarce. I have tried to scout a little but it is pretty thick cause no one has ever messed around in them much. My question is what would you do I think it would be worth the time and effort to really put some corn out and a cam and see what happens or do y'all think I would be wasting my time? Have ran this idea by the hubby and he doesn't get real enthused..which that is prolly cause he will have to tote the corn..lol
  2. pruitt76

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    If you feed them they will come!! This time of year food is getting harder to find and if you have deer all around you, I'm sure they are probably crossing your property as well. :thumb:

  3. SARAH

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    Thanks, that is kind of what I was thinking but get looked at crazy every time I mention it:thumb:
  4. Whiskey River

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    I agree. Feed them and put a camera on them. No telling what will show up. The biggest deer I had on camera this year was in my backyard. Come to think of it, the biggest one I had on camera last year was 40yds from my backyard. :twocents:
  5. nosrac

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    sounds like a good idea places like that some times hold a monster:thumb: good luck. dont tell the old man if ya get a pic of a good one he might want to hunt with ya.:thumb:
  6. tmeredith

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    Absolutely hunt 'em! If you're living on the south side of Jonesboro close to town you might kill a giant.
  7. SARAH

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  8. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    That's what I am starting to think may just do it myself a lil covert till I kill a big un then tell him "nanana boo boo told you so!":wink:
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    Yep. What they said.
  12. born2hunt

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    If you have a place on your property where deer naturally travel, DO NOT mess it up by putting out corn.
  13. SR4

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    Its worth doing! You'll never know til you try.
  14. SARAH

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    Well that is something to think about think it will make them suspcious?
  15. ozark outdoorsman

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    No doubt about it. I would hunt it the way it is first and see what ya get.
  16. tmeredith

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  17. jsilver919

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    i'd find a spot where a few trails cross throw out some corn, camera and blind
  18. SARAH

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    We took the back way home last night from the compnay christmas party and saw at least 10-15 deer in various locations within a 3 mile radius of the house.... and then I heard the sweetest words one can hear from a spouse "well babe I guess you were right."...needless to say you can guess what the hubby is doing when he gets off early today. Guess I'm not so crazy anymore:razz:
  19. SARAH

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  20. AfterLife

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    i would check it out few hunts and see what you got

    or just put out corn and camera, it is always fun to do that and look at the pics even if you never hunt it at all....