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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Jasonh82, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Jasonh82

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    Hey guys I have a coon infestation. I've been putting a bag of corn out once a week since June and the coons have finally found it Getting close to like 600 picks a night and up to 9 in a pic. I want to wipe em out. New to trapping so what's the best trap set up any help would help. THANKS
  2. fisherman

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    Asking for best trap is like walking in to hunting camp and asking for best rifle, you wont get the same one twice.
    As far as cheapest, that will get the job done Duke 1.5 coil springs. Run around $55 a doz.

  3. Jasonh82

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    Don't really like to order anything online is there a place around searcy that sells in store
  4. fisherman

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    Grander Mt has some traps I got some #4s there last year,There prices are high though, Most trapping sites have phone numbers, you can call and order if that is more to your likeing I use http://www.minntrapprod.com/
  5. neotoxo

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    our going to pay a big markup out of any retail store...

    The best prices will come from the internet or a person selling trapping supplies...

    Sent you a PM on contacts....
  6. dirt road kid

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    The easiest and fastest way would be duke dps or cage traps but neither are cheap.
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    if you're wanting to trap them for the sport of trapping then ignore this. But, if you know someone with a good dog, you can get rid of them quick around a feeder. I know around feed troughs in cow pasture, you drive up on them quick and they'll climb the first tree they can get to. You can usually have several coons in the truck within 15 minutes.