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what to plant?

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is there anything i can plant between now and turkey season that will be up before season? thanks in advance! maybe the brilliant LT GIBSON can ring in on this topic? :rolleyes:
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Maybe some wheat, they can get out and bug around in it. Not sure about clovers.
yeah really not sure what will grow between now and then... thanks i'll check on the wheat and clover...
I think it's warm enough for it to germinate, plenty of moisture and it should grow. I'm not sure how well it will do, but it would be the best bet probably.
Braodcast some clover at the end of April - 1st of march.
Well you can go with the wheat or clover, and it should be warm enough to germinate......HOWEVER......why don't you just broadcast some corn on someone else's land like you have for the last umpteen years.....:cool:

Lt Gibson, OUT
Almost Forgot

Dang Bo-Dean, I almost forgot....

thanks!!! and if they dont hunt it i will...:fit:
dang bout forgot, i just got back from getting another dog... let me know when you are ready.... ACTION PACKED!!!!:banghead:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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