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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by mathewsman07, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Why is ther so much fighting on here? We are ALL hunters!! We love to hunt or atleast I know I do!! So why are fighting? There are people out there trying to take away our rights to hunt and fish and all y'all wanna do is fight about everything!! About shooting little deer, expandables or Fixed blade or who's setup is better!!! Who's gives a flying :censored: who's setup is better! Its their setup they paid for it so they can use what they want!!! If your a hunter and you say you have NEVER lost a deer I'm sorry but I call BS! If you hunt you have or WILL lose one there are some things you just can't control!! I hate looking in here and seeing someone criticizing someone else's deer or setup or anything!! Just do like your mommy use to tell you IF YOU AIN'T GOT ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!! I'm mean seriously people! Most of you are adults and your fighting like CHILDREN!!! I mean a little bickering don't hurt anything but SOME of y'all just take it to far!! We need to stand together and congratulate each other for good kills. I personally am not gonna run down anyone Bc I didn't buy it for them and I didn't kill it for them so if they are happy I'm happy for them! Some of y'all need to think about what you say before you post it! This is MY opinion.
  2. I would lighten up some...actually I have lightened up some...

    I'm posting as a Hoyt Shooter on someone named mathewsman07's thread.

    What is the world coming to? :head: I must be getting soft. :eek:


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    agreed! I like to poke a lil fun now and then . .but sometimes things go to far . Im probably guilty . . :wink: no harm intended
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    My bow setup is better than yours:biggrin::poke:
  5. mathewsman07

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    Might be! Mine kills... Does yours?
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  7. Mongoose

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    There are alot of people on here who remind me of the "Hall Monitors" in middle school. Always sticking their noses in others business and trying to "police" them.
  8. Mine doesn't. I can't decide whether it's operator error or the equipment. Is it possible that it's both? :head:
  9. It's got to be the operator if it's a Hoyt. :poke:
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    Why do people always post about otheres fighting maybe they are not maybe they are exspressing (hope that how you spell it) opinon on things. My opinon always differnt the. Otheres Just stir the pot an most people can't handle it on here. Maybe when people post an don't like what they read maybe they don't need to post. Maybe if people don't like the way otheres hunt don't post on thread then everything be ok. As we all know it will never happen cause everyone always going to have differnt opinons.

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    Should we all hold hands and sing I'd like to buy the world a coke? :fit: j/k

    I think it is all in good fun.
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    I'm not talking about the ones expressing their opinions. Like I said I like to pick and mess with other people about things. It's the ones that talk down on someones kill or their equipment. That's what I am talking about... :up:
  13. x2
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    Because it's interesting!

    Look at that list of top threads at the bottom of your main page. I bet none of those are about how everyone agrees that deer dogs are great, Rage BHs are like throwing an axe through an animal, or solid evidence that Bigfoot, black panthers, and chupacabra all exist.
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    Yep twice this year:up: Proof is in the pudding:clap:

  16. woodsnwater

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    Hey, Coon...You shooting aluminum?
  17. dsmtuner1

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    If looks could kill you wouldn't need a bow :fit:

    ......only jealous and shallow minded because I have harvested 0 deer so far, forgive me lol.
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    here's the problem with the big tent theory - there are too many unethical people out there with hunting and fishing license

    I'm sorry - thats the truth. within "our" ranks lies people who steal stands, steal camtrackers, trespass, take more than their limits, capitalize on youth hunts for their own advantages, break every law they need to as long as they can self justify it ..... its unbelievable how trashy so many hunters are, how unethical they are and how they just don't care

    I've got no use for those people, and they have absolutely nothing to contribute to my sports of hunting and fishing

    that's just the way I feel about it - call it whatever you want to but I will never prescribe to the big tent theory
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    Yeah man I'm old school:up: