What stops Game &Fish from coming up with a way to count the number of turkey hunters

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by sleepy, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. sleepy

    sleepy Well-Known Member

    I just don't see how game & fish can have accurate numbers without knowing how many Turkey Hunters are in a zone.
  2. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    i think they go by the # of birds in a zone and not the hunters.

  3. thompson

    thompson Well-Known Member

    We had this discussion on here a while back. I do support hunters having to call in and activate their turkey tags but the only added bonus to this would be for research purposes, when comparing to turkey numbers per zone and would still have to be cross referenced to the zone kill totals. This may shine some lite on hens being disturbed on nest during nesting season. JMO
  4. biggobs

    biggobs Well-Known Member

    They just track & measure the harvest data. Pressure or number of hunters is not accounted for.